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Are These Toe-Punt Boots the Most Bizarre Football Boots Ever?

A direct approach.

Football boots have been getting some serious improvements lately, courtesy of a lot of R&D going into materials and design features to improve player experience.

Lesser-known UK boot manufacturer Serafino have taken a rather extreme approach to their own innovation with their football boots by designing and releasing the Serafino 4th Edge – a boot that’s pretty standard from first appearances, except for its monstrously prominent toe cap.

This patented ‘concave rubberised toe area’ is, as you would guess, a market-first and exceptionally unconventional. The main purpose seems to be as protection, but the secondary implication is that it allows you to toe-punt the ball as hard as you possibly can, without any risk of smashing your toes into tiny pieces.

This might lead most people to ask…”Why?”, and for good reason. Striking the ball with your toes is generally considered bad technique, because it’s often difficult to control the flight of the ball (along with possibly breaking your poor foot-digits), but the one positive aspect is it allows you to generate a large amount of power without a full swing of your leg, but that’s a pretty narrow reason to wear these boots.

Beyond the highly unique toe-cap area, the boots are fairly by-the-books otherwise, with a somewhat bulky and padded upper compared to most modern boots, but your feet will definitely be well protected.

Are these likely to spark a sudden adoption from a swathe of professionals and become a new ‘common’ feature on boots like laceless uppers and collars? Probably not. But, if you’re looking for a boot that’s going to make your already good toe-punts absolute rockets, then this might be the boot for you!


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