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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier shows off Guerrilla mode

New video showcases beefy co-op mode and features.

This new featurette for the upcoming tactical shooter Ghost Recon Future Soldier reveals the wave-based “Guerilla Mode.”

For the most part, you probably already know the drill: waves of bad guys lay siege to your position, and to survive, you only need to fill the oncoming horde with hot lead. The twist with GRFS’s take on the now very familiar multiplayer mode is that you and three friends will have to enter, capture, and defend a position using “real-life techniques inspired by U.S Army counter-insurgency experts.”

As a member of the elite Ghost Recon, you are among the few who possess the power, the adaptability, and the cognitive fortitude of the future soldier.

Specialized in every area of combat, equipped for survival, and trained in absolute discretion, you are entrusted with the missions no other soldier can handle, in the world’s most complex, high-risk warzones.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier hits the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 in May.

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