Quade Cooper’s behind-the-back pass

Quade Cooper pass

Along with the Reds’ win, flyhalf Quade Cooper pulled off another magical moment of flair

Following Quade Cooper’s successful boxing deviation, fans have been awaiting some of the flair and flamboyant play that the 24-year old has become known for.

Saturday’s 25-17 win against the Waratahs wasn’t Cooper’s best performance, but he did manage to raise some voices around Suncorp stadium with a handful of moments.

One of the best showcases of his skill was his behind-the-back pass, and while it didn’t really result in anything, it’s a sign that Cooper’s confidence and trademark style could be returning in full force.

Check out the video below, but fast-forward to 33:45  to see the pass, and 35:23 to see the reply

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