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England Sevens takes on the Harlem Shake

Check out the England Sevens team embrace the Harlem Shake

Jeremy Proome



England Sevens Harlem Shake

It seems that every rugby team has done the Harlem Shake, therefore the viral video meme is infecting the sevens circuit.

The first sevens team to take on the Harlem Shake is the boys from the England Sevens squad.

The concept of the Harlem Shake meme includes a video of people going about their usual activities, with one person (usually masked or helmeted) dancing. After the bass and beat kicks in, the video is cut and everybody in the scene is dancing in a strange or over-the-top manner.

Check out Dan Norton, Marcus Watson and the rest of the crew as they unleash chaos on ahead of the Marriot London Sevens.

The Crusaders have also put their own Harlem Shake video together.

Check out the video below:

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