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New Lord of the Rings Series Coming from Amazon

Lord of the Rings

A new journey begins!

As surprising as it may sound, the original Lord of the Rings movie trilogy saw its first release, Fellowship of the Ring, hit theatres all the way back in 2001. Although we’ve had another trilogy adaptation of The Hobbit, the original set of characters from LOTR haven’t been on screen in some time.

Middle-earth fantasy fanatics have been able to get a similar fix from the hit series Game of Thrones, but that’s also coming to an end. Perhaps for this reason Amazon have seen a golden opportunity to return to the LoTR franchise and revitalise it, which is precisely what they plan to do by creating a series that will serve as a prequel storyline to The Fellowship of the Ring, rather than an adaptation of the three books.

The Tolkien Estate and Trust, which controls all decisions related the late writer’s properties, shopped around for a while and allegedly spoke to Netflix, HBO, and Amazon before eventually making a decision to partner with Amazon. The deal is believed to be worth $329m to acquire the television rights, so it represents a massive commitment on Amazon’s part.

While this insane price tag may be a head-scratcher, it now seems that this amount is going to appear like pocket change once the show actually goes into production. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this potential five-season series (plus a potential spin-off) could end up going down in history as the most expensive television show ever made:

There haven’t been any additional details released regarding the project, but considering the amount of investment Amazon are putting into this they’ll likely publicise their plan for the series in the coming months. We’ll keep you posted as soon as any info regarding an exciting return to Middle Earth goes live!

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