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Revenues for tablet gaming to hit over $3.1B by 2014

Tablet market booming thanks to gaming.

A study from Juniper Research has indicated tablet gaming renvenues will hit in upwards of $3.1 billion by 2014.

The figure deduced by the firm is up considerably from $491 million in 2011, and analyst Charlotte Miller suggests the popularity of gaming on tablets has increased due to the larger screen sizes now available combined with better graphics.

Juniper also suggests the “core” have noticed the “improved experience” recent tablets offer with console-style buttons on screen, and Miller feels more will be drawn in over the next two years.

“The tablet is the perfect device for playing mobile games… Higher user satisfaction with games and a bigger wallet mean that tablet games look to be highly lucrative,” wrote Miller in the report obtained by Gamasutra. It also claims the majority of tablet users have “a higher disposable income than the general smartphone user base,” and are more willing to spend money on the tech and the games that are created for it.

Juniper concludes that by 2016 tablet games will make up over a third of mobile games revenue, with smartphone gaming halving over the next five years.

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