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Who are the Top 3 Replacements for Neymar?

With Neymar gone, who will Barca look to in order to fill the void?



With the future of Paris-bound Neymar now confirmed and an impending €222m transfer fee, the Catalan giants will have a little less than a month to find a suitable replacement. While they still have the immeasurable talents of both Messi and Suarez to call on, both of those players are over 30 now and don’t possess the dynamism or speed they once did. If Barcelona are going to compete with high flying Real Madrid domestically or in Europe, they’re going to need to find someone to take up the soon to be vacant spot on the left side of Barca’s trident.

1. Antoine Griezmann

Before a transfer ban halted any potential moves Atletico Madrid could make, Antoine Griezmann was odds on to join Jose Mourinho’s rebuild at Manchester United. The plan fell through, though, and Lukaku was brought in as an alternate source of goals. With Atletico’s transfer ban expiring in January 2018, Barcelona may elect to wait until the season’s halfway point to potentially make a move for the French forward.

Griezmann has been in La Liga for several years now and has gone from strength to strength, his comfort and familiarity in the league will definitely count as bonuses. Likely to command a fee in excess of €90m, Griezmann is unlikely to be afforded by any except the most elite in Europe’s ranks, making Barcelona one of only a small number of potential destinations. He’s hinted at his own ambition to win major titles, and the Nou Camp would make an ideal place for him to make good on those words.

Antoine Griezmann

2. Angel Di Maria

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United wide man has been plying his trade at none other than Neymar’s new home, PSG’s Parc de Princes. While he’s not in his peak-years anymore, the 29-year- old Argentine is still a potent attacking outlet and can pose a threat on either the left or right flank, making him a flexible option for Barcelona to potentially explore.

Javier Mascherano and Lionel Messi are both teammates of his from the Argentinean national side so he wouldn’t take long to settle in the new surroundings. Neymar will be taking up one of the wide forward slots for PSG, so Di Maria may fear that his playing time could be limited. He can ill afford a lack of match sharpness before a World Cup year when he’ll want to be in top form to ensure his national team selection. Barcelona might be able to guarantee more minutes than PSG and could prove to be a tempting prospect.

Angel Di Maria

3. Ousmane Dembele

The French national team is currently churning out attacking talent at an unprecedented rate, and among that number is the electric Ousmane Dembele. Dembele stormed onto the scene as a teenager for Rennes in Ligue 1 in the 2015/2016 season and already got several high profile clubs’ attentions. After only a single season in the Rennes first team, he was scouted and transferred to Borussia Dortmund where he has put in exciting performances on their wing. With Neymar’s departure Barcelona will lack any true pace in their attack, which would be remedied with the arrival of someone like Dembele. He’s young and still technically raw, but his potential is clearly evident and Barcelona might provide the ideal environment for him to grow his talent.

-Ousmane Dembele

Neymar’s departure from Spain will have repercussions that will extend far beyond the Catalan club, but for the Barcelona board doing damage control and finding a replacement that can keep them competitive will be of paramount importance. We’ve looked at three possibilities here, which star do you think Barcelona should chase down?

Let us know by tweeting @MenStuffZA and sounding off in the comments section below.


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Appreciating The Underappreciated Edwin van der Sar

What made Edwin van der Sar one of the most underappreciated goalkeepers of all time?



It’s hard not to look back at the golden era of the 1990s and 2000s, which treated football fans from all over the world to some of the finest goalkeepers ever. From Gianluigi Buffon and Oliver Kahn, to Iker Casillas and Edwin van der Sar, there were some spectacular keepers to witness; however, it was the Dutchman who is one of the more underappreciated gems of the goalkeeping world.

Van der Sar had a brilliant career that lasted between 1990 and 2011. He is one of a very small group of players who have won the UEFA Champions League with more than one squad. He did so with Ajax and Manchester United. Not only that, because he is also one of the players with the most matches played for the Netherlands national squad. If you’re a fan of the Oranje, you can try betting online with 1xBet for their upcoming matches.

An excellent club career with an unexpected twist

Van der Sar started his career on Ajax. However, he needed to wait a few years before becoming the starting goalkeeper of the team. It is possible to watch the Ajax online with the bet live stream on, where you can also check out and participate in the exciting Dutch football competition.

In 1994, van der Sar secured the number 1 spot at Ajax, he helped his team to win the 1994-95 UEFA Champions League. Not only that, because of his service with the Dutch team, he also reached the final of the next edition of the competition.

In 1999, the goalkeeper was in search of new horizons, and for this reason, he decided to join Italian giants Juventus. During this transition, there was a real chance of the Dutchman joining Manchester United, as Sir Alex Ferguson wanted a suitable replacement for Peter Schmeichel.

The keeper spent only two seasons in the Vecchia Signora before he decided to leave the team after the squad signed none other than Gianluigi Buffon. In a move that shocked everybody, while being linked with many top teams in Europe, van der Sar decided to move to Fulham. At that time, the team had just been promoted to the English Premier League.

A successful career in England

Edwin van der Sar had a great career in Fulham that lasted four seasons. This convinced Sir Alex Ferguson that it was the right time to finally add van der Sar to the Manchester United team. It should be noted that back then, United really struggled to find a reliable replacement for Peter Schmeichel.

The keeper spent six seasons on the Red Devils. He helped the team to win the second UEFA Champions League in its history. He also kept many unbeaten records and will go down as one of the best to stand between the two posts.

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Prospects of the Paraguayan National Team to Get to the World Cup

Can Paraguay make an impact on the global showpiece?



There are only a few matches left to play before we know the final lineup for the 2022 World Cup from South America. So far, the Paraguay team has a chance to get to the world cup. However, if the team really expects to go to Qatar, then some solid performances are required from the squad in the remaining games. Now you can not only follow the team’s performance, but also make predictions about the outcomes of Paraguay’s upcoming games. Using betting Uganda – makes it a reality. The platform covers all the qualifying stages of the World Cup in South America in detail, so you don’t miss a thing.

As for the Paraguayan team, they demonstrate sharp, quick, and quite interesting football. However, it often lacks stability. Because of this, there are a lot of misfires. As a result, they tend to struggle somewhat with some of the bigger teams.

However, users from Uganda can start betting at 1xBet and share their opinions on the outcomes of certain matches. Since the calendar of fixtures is now quite packed, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to showcase your knowledge and prediction abilities.

These final qualifying games are pivotal for Paraguay. You can follow the team at and express your opinion on the possible outcomes of the matches. As for the potential strong points of this team, which should help them fight for a good spot in the tournament, we’d note:

  1. Quite good teamwork and well-functioning mutual understanding between players.
  2. Motivation. Paraguay hasn’t played at the World Cup for a long time, so there is no doubt that they will do their best in every match. This should guarantee some decent results.
  3. Ability to comeback from tough moments and swing the momentum of the game.

However, you can express your own opinions on 1xBet as to whether this would be enough for the team to make it to the World Cup.

What might help the team

For Paraguay, it is now very important not only to score more frequently but also to capitalise on misfires of competitors. This is the only way to qualify for a place at the World Cup. In the meantime, you can complete the easy 1xBet apk download process and perform all necessary operations in a more convenient format. This will make it possible not only to monitor all events of Paraguay but also to monitor other teams and the lead-up to the tournament itself.

In general, the team has good chances, but in order to cope with the task, several factors must coincide at once. For now, follow the easy apk download algorithm for the 1xBet software and you will be able to participate in betting around the World Cup. In the long term, this will allow you to consider betting not only as entertainment but also as one of the sources of profit.

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Use this Reliable Platform to Find the Best Football Results Today

Keep you up to date with all the football action as it unfolds!



Do you want to always stay up to date with the latest football news? Then be sure to open the sports statistics site, Livescore, where you can find the biggest football results today. Here, you can also follow the matches of Europe’s best teams, including fan-favourite, Betis. Last season, the team played quite well, and in order not to disappoint its fans in the current campaign, they’re trying to cut out the errors and shortcomings that the team has identified.

Among the recent signings of the Cucumbers is Herman Pezzella. The experienced Argentinean defender moved to La Liga from Fiorentina.

Herman Pezzella

Pezzella is already 30, so Betis got him relatively inexpensively. The defender got paid only 3.5 million euros, and we should soon find out how this transfer will affect the reliability of the team’s defensive resources.

As for the main goals of Betis, this is, of course, the struggle for places in the European competition zone. However, does the team have enough strength to fight for the highest positions? Many direct competitors have become noticeably stronger this summer, so it will be interesting to see how Betis handles them.

So far, only one thing can be said — the team needs utmost concentration over the long tournament because the competition is tough, and misfires will cost a lot.

Today all football results will be at your hand

It’s easy to keep track of all successes of the team on the sports stats website, Livescore. Today, all football results are presented here in a convenient format. It is easy to view the information when using both a computer and a mobile device, so the platform gives you the option to access any info you need from anywhere and on any device.

As for the prospects of Betis in the current season, it can be noted that the club is quite capable of performing no worse than in the previous campaign. As for its strengths, they definitely do have:

  1. Strong leaders — Sometimes they are able to single-handedly decide an outcome of an encounter.
  2. The progress of young performers — If they continue to play this good, this may well become the basis for the successful results for the whole team.
  3. Teamwork — The players look united on the field, and this chemistry is priceless, as many teams are missing it in the current league climate.

However, this is football and any result is possible.

It is easy to follow all matches on the Livescore, as it presents all the latest news to keep you up to date with all the footballing action.

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WATCH: Unbelievable Goal Scored From Kick-Off

“They’re not going to shoot directly from kick-off, are they?”



The U-14s Scottish Cup final got off to a dramatic start with a goal direct from kick-off. The game was being played between Spartans FC and St Andrew’s Boys Club. Louis MacLachlan’s goal came in under four seconds.

Check it out above.

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Here’s Where to Grab All the Footy Results in One Place

Here’s where you can find all the up-to-date football results in one single spot!



Serie A Ronaldo

Until recently, reviewing football results from different competitions at the same time wasn’t exactly easy. People needed to consult different websites, where each one of them would show the footy results of a different tournament, so basically, football fans needed to build a puzzle of different bits of information obtained from different sources in order to know what’s cooking.

However, now this is not necessary anymore, because all results from virtually all football matches around the world are available in a single place. This place is called Azscore, and during recent years it has grown to become one of the most popular portals for football news, happenings, results, and fixtures.

It covers dozens of tournaments from many countries and continents around the world, ranging from the most popular ones, to those with more local support. Regardless of the competition in question, all the football results, matches, tables, and more are displayed to users with an incredible and unrivalled level of detail.

The table for Serie A is another interesting feature offered at Azscore

The Italian Serie A is another extremely exciting tournament with millions of followers around the world. It also has some of the best teams in the entire globe, such as AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus, and for this reason, its matches are incredibly exciting. Due to this, many people regularly visit Azscore in order to get the most up to date version of the table for Serie A. This table includes tons of useful information, such as:

  • Total points
  • Games played
  • Games on
  • Goal difference
  • And much more

Reviewing the comprehensive Serie A table allows users to get a fantastic insight of what is transpiring in this league, and it should also be mentioned that this same level of detail and quality is seen in all the other tournaments featured at Azscore, which, once again, has significantly contributed to the fantastic success that this platform.

Furthermore, users can check out the full squads featured in the tournament tables in order to get a good perspective on each teams’ players, performances, and overall expectations. It is even possible to review detailed statistics at a player level, making Azscore one of the most detailed sources of football data you’ll find on the web.

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