The Five Best-Looking Kits of the 2018/2019 Football Season

Who is looking the sharpest on the pitch this season?

The 2018/2019 season has officially already kicked off, courtesy of the Premier League, but we’ll have to wait a little while longer for the rest of the European continent to get started. While we wait, though, we can feast our eyes on some of the best kits the top teams will be running out in!

Real Madrid Away

Real Madrid may have had some great home and away kits over the last few seasons, and some bright ones, too. This time around, they’ve opted for two light/dark splits for their home and away kits, but the darker monotone of the away kit looks great with the lighter sponsor text and crest logos.

Real Madrid 2019 kit

Kaizer Chiefs Home/Away

Kaizer Chiefs have two great kits for fans to enjoy – their home kit being a very simple golden orange hue with subtle lined markings at the flanks, while the away kit is the more adventurous of the two, featuring a bold purple with black sleeves and hits of orange for the collar, Nike swoosh, and Chiefs crest.

Boca Juniors Home

Boca Juniors is one of the most globally recognisable South American club sides, and a lot of neutrals might even pick up this simple and traditional kit. The biggest draw is the richness of royal blue across most of the body, which pairs extremely well with the golden yellow bar across the midriff.

Marseille Away

Usually, simpler kits are better, as they tend to look more understated and don’t date themselves as quickly. Case in point: Marseille’s new away jersey. Darker kits often look good anyway, but something about this particular jersey – with the light blue patterns and accents through the collar and crest – makes the kit stand out amongst the rest this season.

Liverpool Home

Liverpool’s home kit is one of the best in the Premier League, adhering to the age-old expression that less is more. The bold red is only broken up by some white accents for the logos and crest, but it has a nice sharp inclusion on the collar and near the shoulders to give it a bit more character.

We’ve listed some of the best looking kits for us – but there are a huge amount of other notable mentions that didn’t make the list. Who’s kit will you be sporting this coming season? Let us know!

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