Super Rugby Betting with Betway South Africa

Before you leap into your weekend Super Rugby predictions, check out the following tips!

Don’t you ever see a final score on a Super Rugby game and think: “I could’ve guessed that”, “I should’ve bet on it”, or “Why did my team lose!?” while wiping tears away? Hopefully, it’s one of the first two that happens more frequently, and if this is the case, why not actually consider hedging your bets for the weekend’s action.

Super Rugby betting with Betway South Africa provides a simple and easy way to get involved in sports betting; and they’ve got a few tips for those already with a hat in the ring, or those looking to get started:

1. Only Place a Few Well Thought out Bets

Placing a few carefully considered wagers will almost certainly yield better results than randomly betting on anything. Many beginners tend to make the mistake of haphazardly placing numerous bets hoping to win and earn more, but they lose. With many bets comes many risks.

2. Spend More, Place Few Bets and Increase Your Winning Chances

This one is very important when it comes to successful sports betting. Many players, both amateur and seasoned will place small, but numerous bets in an effort to earn reasonable amounts. For example, a player may decide to deposit 10 dollars and bet on 10 teams. Assuming each team has a 1.00 odd, he/she is likely to make 100 dollars for the predicted outcomes. Keep in mind the fact that with more bets comes more risks. Another player may choose to place 100 Rand and select only three teams he/she is sure will win. With the same odds, if both matches end according to his/her predictions, this player is going to make 300 Rand out of only 3 teams!

3. Do Not Be Too Desperate To Win

When you go to Betway South Africa or another online betting platform with an attitude that accepts no other outcome, but a win, you are going to spend a lot in a short period and lose big. Out of anger, you are going to make bad betting decisions and in the end, you will be a bitter person that lost money. Go with a mentality that accommodates any outcome because in betting there are only two outcomes and not one.


Sports betting is a great way to earn a few bucks for the weekend without much effort. As long as you know all the rules of successful betting, nothing will stop you from winning. Only place well thought out bets, spend more on few bets and do not be too desperate to win.

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