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WATCH: Cheslin Kolbe Kicks 50m Drop-Goal in French Top 14 Final

Kolbe surprises us yet again with another stunning moment.




Cheslin Kolbe is a man of many talents — from dazzling footwork to brilliant handling, the pint-sized Springbok superstar has a whole bag of tricks, but he’s just deepened that with a stellar 50m drop-goal to add to that list.

During the French Top 14 final between Toulouse and La Rochelle, Antoine Dupont shot the ball to Kolbe, who was standing just behind the halfway line. Unexpectedly, Kolbe hit a perfect drop-kick which saw the ball sail through the poles and added 3 points to his side’s tally. This was an obvious strategy from the French giants, as Toulouse were focusing on drop-goals throughout the match, with Thomas Ramos also slotting one of his own.

Check it out above.

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