Damian McKenzie Gets Absolutely Smashed by All Black Colleague [Video]

The pint-sized star cops a massive hit from Matt Duffie!

The New Zealand Super Rugby derby between the Blues and Chiefs was always going to be a biggie, and the match itself didn’t disappoint.

The Chiefs came away with the win, but it did come at a cost, as many players from the 2-time championship side took some serious knocks, none more so than Damian McKenzie.

McKenzie, weighing in at only 81kgs, found himself in a bit of space during a counter-attack before Blues winger Matt Duffie (who was on “angry pills”, according to the commentary) put in a colossal hit on the Chiefs flyhalf.

22-year-old McKenzie is a tough guy, so for him to stay down for so long, this one must’ve hurt…

Check it out below:

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