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Mané Sees Red with Shock Challenge Against Manchester City [Video]

Mané gets an early shower for this unnecessary brain-explosion.




Sadio Mané made a bid to succeed Conor McGregor as the king of UFC in Liverpool’s match against Manchester City over the weekend, when the Senegalese striker was sent off for this challenge:

Mané was chasing down a lofted ball that released him through on goal – but as any good ‘keeper would, Manchester City’s Ederson took chase as well to beat the striker to the punch. Since Ederson was out of his box he couldn’t punch or hold the ball and was forced into an awkward header but instead caught Mané’s high foot in the jaw – requiring eight minutes’ treatment before he could be stretchered off the field.

It was a tense moment in the game, as previous head injuries to goalkeepers have resulted in significant harm – but fortunately the Brazilian suffered no long-lasting damage.

Liverpool, unfortunately, will be without Mané’ for a match or two due to the red card suspension, which is a pity as he was in flying-form. There’s some debate over who’s at fault though, was Mané right to compete for the ball or should he have been more cautious about putting his foot that high?

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