Looking to Start Surfing? Here’s What You Need to Know

Surfing Pollywog

We’ve got some of the best surf beaches in the world down here in the Republic, so why not enjoy them!

Everyone’s been there – sitting on the beach, thinking to yourself “that looks fun” as you watch an experienced surfer ride the perfect wave. But not too many make that next step and give it a shot, and they’re missing out.

Yeah, surfing can be daunting, but with the right knowledge, gear, and attitude, you too can delve into the world’s coolest sport and pick up arguably the best hobby around. To help, we asked surf aficionados Pollywog on the low-down on the best items for first-time surfers to make sure your maiden experience is everything you need it to be..

Van Hunks soft-top

Pollywog rates this as your best chance to introduce yourself or someone to the ocean and the thrill of catching waves. Soft-top boards, as the name suggests, feature a soft construction with round noses to provide safety in the water, reduce weight, and make for an easier, smoother ride.  And what’s even greater, is that there are a whole range of local companies supplying soft-top boards, including Vanhunks, Elo and IndlBlu.

Check out the soft-top range here.

Van Hunks soft top


A wetsuit is a must when tackling the winter waters, and thankfully, Pollywog has a great selection of premium wetsuits for all levels of surfers. Used by some of the worlds best surfers like Jeremy Flores, Mikey Wright, Matt Banting and Saffa’s very own Mikey February, these wetsuits will give you maximum comfort and warmth to ensure maximum stoke in the colder winter months.

Check out the full wetsuit range on Pollywog here.

Quicksilver wetsuit

Second hand board

While Pollywog has some brand-new boards on offer, they also have a selection of pre-loved boards available. So whether you’re looking to pick up something not too costly and that’s had some time in the water (or you’re a veteran scanning for a good deal), check out the second-hand boards available on the online store.

Check out Pollywog’s second-hand surfboard store here.

Pollywog second hand


One of the most important little surfing ingredients you can’t afford to go without: wax. Waxing helps lay a synthetic layer to your board to give you some extra grip. It’s always a good thing to stock up with a few bars so that you’re never caught out wandering the beach asking other surfers for some.

Buy some wax here.



Of course, your surf is only as good as your waves, and while our local beaches in and around the major cities are great, surfing also provides the opportunity to visit new locales you wouldn’t have otherwise. Pollywog also offers custom tailored surfaris (yeah, they’re a thing) so you and some friends can enjoy some exotic locations, get in your surfing, and have a good time all without the hassle of micro-organising everything.

Check out Pollywog’s awesome travel options here.

And, without the hassle of micro-organising everything, you can even book your flights on the Pollywog website! Talk about a one stop surf trip shop!

Pollywog banner

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