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Is this the Most Embarrassing Own Goal Ever? [Video]

A sloppy own goal every now and then isn’t completely unheard of in professional football. Sometimes a centre-back has a lapse in concentration and puts a bit too much on a pass back to his keeper that slides into the net, or in a set piece scramble a sliced clearance can end up going in.

Scoring an own goal from just under 40 meters away, though? That takes a little more effort.

One of Chelsea’s loanees, Fankaty Dabo, who’s currently playing for Vitesse, reacted a little poorly to being pressed while in possession and hacked a lobbed pass back to his keeper – but instead of playing it at an acceptable height, it ended up floating over the hapless goalie and into the Vitesse net.

Unfortunately for Vitesse, it only got worse from there. That clanger of an own goal signaled a bit of a collapse for them as they let in three more goals afterwards, capping a pretty disastrous evening. It’s probably safe to say that Chelsea may not be recalling the young defender any time soon.

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