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Football Bets in Mozambique: What You Need to Know

Here’s what you need to know about the sports betting world in Mozambique.




The main piece of legislation regulating football bets in Mozambique includes the 1994 Games of Chance Law. However, a critical amendment was issued in 2010 with the advent of the Guebeza Promulgates Casino Bill that set standards in place for the online gambling scene.

This resulted in the nation having one of the most stable systems in all of Africa. Ever since, all forms of gambling, not just football bets have become legal, including in the online sector.

Online Betting

As of the modern-day, the gambling board has issued 17 licenses across all local bookmakers for football bets in Mozambique. Despite the fact that all these licenses are up for grabs, no international bookies have filed applications. The practice of betting, not just football, falls under the category of “Social and fun games” with reference to pool or mutual betting. Similarly, any entity of interest must have a guarantee from the bank of at least 3 million MT (approximately equal to $50,000 by FOREX rates) and is subject to a GGR tax of 20-35%. For online services, in particular, all licensed sites offering football betting in Mozambique are required to possess a .mz domain. No strict measures or close supervision apply.

This amendment also completely altered the scene in regards to land-based establishments. For example, it is now possible for an owner to operate a casino with nearly half the capital than what was formerly required in1994. Furthermore, casinos do not have to operate in a hotel with a minimum of 4 stars. Governments obviously still aim towards developing tourism through forms of gambling like football bets in Mozambique. As for sports, there are no restraints for online players.

Reasons To Bet Online

Although it is completely legal to do, a staggering number of locals believe it is only legal to physically visit bookmakers. However, the regulations are crystal clear. Still, there is no player protection from shady bookies, and supervision needs significant attention on behalf of the local board. For every online marketplace, there is an equivalent number of scam bookies. To avoid security issues, players must stick to the ones recommended to have the ultimate experience for football bets in Mozambique.

How To Deposit With An Online Bookie

The gambling laws in Mozambique present no restrictions to online transactions, as credit cards and bank wires are already in use by tens of thousands of betters. Authorities do not care about the source of income when betting online. To add even more protection, a particular e-Wallet company of supreme reputation known as ecoPayz operates in the nation. It offers secure and fast transactions to make it even more convenient to process funds.

Banks also do not block any kind of transactions when engaging in football bets in Mozambique, so while gamblers do not have much to concern themselves with, they still need to be familiar with the online environment. The Internet is gaining much turf in this area with more and more users every year. Furthermore, it’s far easier and more convenient to bet online than it is in person.

The Future Of Football Bets in Mozambique

The nation has one of the most friendly and regulated environments for gambling in the entirety of the continent. Below are three examples of the best and most legitimate betting sites that can be accessed.

1. Betway

Betway is a major international brand offering football bets in Mozambique and beyond. It is a major player present on the majority of regulated markets in the world, and it has high-profile partnerships with sports teams all over the globe. Betway covers the vast majority of the usual markets and several speciality ones, not to mention its rich eSports offering.

2. 1xBet

With more than 50 sports to choose from, live streaming functionality, and over 60,000 monthly events, 1xBet is the prime website for those engaging in football bets in Mozambique.

3. N1Bet

Few country restrictions, high secondary betting odds, and over 40 sports make N1Bet a key competitor for the best sites.

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