Castore – The Most Advanced Sports Apparel Brand in the World?

Castore 1

UK brand Castore have taken the apparel game to a new level.

Sports brands generally love to boast about how much technology goes into their gear; lauding their products’ light weight, ability to wick away sweat, and cool you down. While there is an impressive amount of technology that the big brands utilise, the award for most high-tech sportswear brand might go to less well-known UK brand Castore. The proudly British brand is focused on producing not only the most high-performance sportswear products possible, but also to produce products that can stand the test of time. In an era of planned obsolescence where everything seemingly has a minimal lifespan, a little bit of longevity makes for a refreshing change – but we’ll delve more into that a little bit later.

For now, let’s focus on the technology they incorporate into their products. The first, and possibly most (or least?) noticeable element of their garments is the lack of seams. This is thanks to their decision to use high-pressure bonding methods instead of more traditional threading or stitching techniques. The effect is a decrease in weight, an increase in breathability because they can reduce the layers of fabric, and most importantly, an increase in comfort because there are no stitches causing any abrasions. The sleek design isn’t just aesthetic, but also contributes to the performance of their products.

Their manufacturing process also incorporates as many environmentally forgiving technologies as they can, the highlight of which is a chemically conservative DWR – or durable water repellant – that they apply to their garments. The efficiency of their particular hydrophobic coating means less chemicals are used, and ultimately less waste and harmful particles are generated as a result.

The most impressive of all their technologies is how the brand deals with the annoying problem of keeping sweating athletes dry and hygienic. Their solution: a treatment called “Polygiene” – which infuses recycled silver chloride into their fabric, which safely addresses the bacteria responsible for the production of body odour. They’re so confident in the effectiveness of the technology that they guarantee a lifetime protection from odour for all their garments – quite an impressive claim to stand behind.

While they do demand a premium for their cutting edge products, Castore is quite obviously serious about providing the market with superior products and anyone that is serious about their athletic performance, or is involved in sport at a professional level, should look into their products as an alternative to all the staple brands we already use.

You can check more out from Castore on their official website.

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