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It’s a new year, and invariably we’re making the same promises to ourselves about getting fit that we have countless times before. Let us start by saying, we hope, as we do every year, that this year one of those resolutions will stick for you. One is, after all, better than nothing. If you’re serious this year, then you’ll make it happen no matter what. A way to get started is to make sure you have the right gear. A new piece of gear can help get you into the right frame of mind, although nothing beats steely determination. Getting fit or returning to picking up on a school sport can come with a hefty price tag. Now Mom and Dad aren’t picking up the bill anymore, you have a mortgage to pay, and you can’t eat your gear. That’s why you need to know about Olympic International – a South African company which has been supporting the local sporting community since 1918.

The brand offers an attractive, affordable and well-made range of trainers and sports shoes. In February 2018, Olympic International will celebrate 100 years of sporting excellence. Once endorsed by the late rugby great Danie Craven himself, the brand peaked in the 70s and thrived through the 80s with the focus on rugby and cricket.

In the 90s, like many local brands at the time, they lost market share to multinational sports brands when these returned to open shop in post-1994 South Africa. In the early 00s, they staged a comeback refocusing on the fastest growing sports in the country – netball, hockey, cycling, soccer, athletics and the athleisure market. Today it is one of the only local brands that offer quality, technical sports and leisure footwear at competitive prices. To say they are the beginner’s new BFF is an understatement and yet also not entirely accurate either because they have a reputation for some of the most trusted, entry-level and advanced road and mountain bike cycling shoes in the country. If you’re a cyclist, you would have heard ‘the Ollie’ mentioned in cycling circles since the brand is one of the most popular cycling shoes for anyone starting out in this exciting sport. The Crank, an entry-level MTB shoe, is incredibly well-made, durable and delivers a lot of value at only R1,299 per pair.

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If you’re a novice or even an experienced cyclist, then have a look at their range of technical cycling shoes, available for both road and mountain biking. The SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) system ensures that it’s as easy to walk in as it is to pedal. Lightweight, easy to clean and manufactured with unique features for pressure distribution and overall foot support, it’s the ideal shoe for longer race days.

If hitting the trails on weekends is more your thing, then have a look at their outdoor range. Made with a Phylon mid-sole and thermoplastic rubber soles with an aggressive tread pattern, their shoes cater to day hikers, serious outdoorsmen and casual trail runners alike. Out on the trails you must have a shoe with exceptional grip and good ankle support, that is made will quality fabric for durability. Again, they offer solid shoes that won’t put a dent your wallet with prices ranging from, R760 to R845 for a leather and canvas hiking boot.

The brand has achieved much in the last few years, winning partnerships with SA Schools Netball and the SA Hockey Association this year. Olympic is invested in testing their shoes to find ways to continuously improve the technical capabilities of their shoes in fast-paced sports such as hockey, tennis, netball and track and field sports. They also offer a range of casual running and gym cross trainers worth a look.

View their range at Olympic Sport’s official website and following them on Facebook and Instagram for fitness tips and giveaways. We promise you’ll be nicely surprised. Plus, they give away a pair of trainers every month! Epic.

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