Energizer Unveils Its Own Smartphone With “World’s Most Powerful Phone Battery”

Introducing the Energizer Power Max Phone! Is thick back in?

Before full-screen phones were a thing and people still used keyboards on smaller screen devices, it was common to charge a phone every day or two. Not the case now, with most smartphones even just moderate use will still require a daily charge, sometimes even calling for the powerbank to make an appearance before the sun has set.

Well, if that recharging exercise is frustrating you no end, perhaps the Energizer Power Max P18K will tickle your fancy. Energizer is renowned for their long-lasting batteries, and unsurprisingly, that’s the hallmark feature you can expect from the P18K.

In fact, that ‘18K’ in its model name is a reference to the battery: it has an 18,000mAh capacity battery. To put that into perspective, most smartphones top out at about 3000-3500mAh at the highest – and the P18K packs around five times as much juice into its battery as the average smartphone. No surprise then that the company claims that the phone will last more than five days with general use, and up to forty days on standby.

The obvious trade-off for this incredible battery life? You guessed it – say goodbye to a slim phone and hello to a gargantuan brick roughly the same thickness as three average smartphones, and with the pocket-sagging weight that goes with it.

You may expect the ultra long-lasting battery to be the only thing of value – but surprisingly, the rest of the P18K’s specs are quite impressive too. It has an impressive 6.2-inch display, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a triple-lens (12MP+5MP+2MP) camera setup, and a quirky pop-up selfie camera that’s hidden inside the body.

Is this suddenly going to trigger a complete reversal of smartphone trends over the last decade? Probably not. The slim, convenient shape of modern smartphones will probably endure for quite a while longer, but anyone interested in a phone that needs to be charged five times less frequently than their current smartphone, though, might be tempted by the P18K, if they can accept the size and weight drawbacks, of course.

What do you think – would you use this juggernaut knowing you’ll have all the battery life you could ever need? Let us know!

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