Why Having Your OWN Software is Becoming Increasingly Important

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The world is changing, and time for your software to change to!

There’s no doubt that the world is moving rather rapidly towards a more digital and electronic landscape in all spheres of life – from personal to business; but for most, they tend to overlook how drastic this shift is happening.

“Software is eating the world”, says Marc Andreessen, a well-known web investor and one of the creators of Mosaic, the world’s first widely-used web-browser. Forrester estimates in his report, titled The Future of the Enterprise Software Industry, that global software spending by businesses will climb from $920 billion to north of $1.3 trillion. Software will continue to spread, mediating, recording, and enabling more users, transactions, products, and business activities.

The reason for this growth is attributed to growing populations, easier integration and adoption of software, growth of automation, and physical items becoming ‘smart’ with the integration of software and connectivity into daily items, such as appliances and vehicles.

Even with the huge growth, software spend is scheduled to decrease from a 7% annual growth to 4% after 2020. The reason for this? Software will be getting a lot cheaper, along with a number of other influencing factors:

  • Automation will spread across the software development lifecycle in the coming years, making software programs cheaper to produce and consume.
  • Custom software development will become more efficient and lower-cost.
  • Businesses’ use of open-source software will continue to increase.

Getting the right custom software developer or vendor on board for your existing or planned business venture is then becoming more and more crucial. Having a trusted and dynamic company to build the systems to work within your unique business venture is a key ingredient to enhance productivity and save money in the long run.

Furthermore, having a custom-developed solution for your business has a number of benefits, giving it longevity, allowing it to be easily upgradable, and it’ll help set your business apart.

So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of developing a distinct digital platform to get your company’s growth to the next level, get in touch with the team at My Online Presence and let them guide you on the way!

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