Gaslight Anthem Release New Single

Jersey punks the Gaslight Anthem return on July 24th with their new record, Handwritten, out on Mercury. You’ve already heard the anthemic first single “45,” and now you can check out “Teenage Rebellion,” a gorgeous acoustic track available as an iTunes exclusive that finds frontman Brian Fallon warbling, wavering and straining as he sings a simple paean to young lost love: “And if you’re gonna break my heart/ It might as well be tonight.”

It doesn’t so much tug at your heart strings as it shreds them to bits, and that’s a good thing. “When you’re a teenager it might as well be a dream,” says Fallon. “The person you become is entirely affected by those years, yet never resembles the person you were.”

The song is featured on the groups latest album, Handwritten  due out July 24 (today!).



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