10 Songs You Need To Hear From Oppi’s 2015 Headliner ‘Brand New’

Brand NEw

So with the news that Brand New will be playing at South Africa’s biggest music festival has all of at MenStuff elated. I personally am so excited about this because they are one of my bucket-list bands (you know one of those bands you grew up listening to that you know you most likely will never see). I have realised after the announcement that a few poor souls aren’t familiar with them. I’ve set up a few must listen to’s for you to get up to speed so you aren’t holding the candle by yourself at Oppi.

Brand New, formed in 2000, and hail from Long Island, New York and have four studio albums (Your Favourite Weapon (2001), Deja Entendu (2003) The Devil and God are Raging inside Me (2006), and Daisy (2009)). If you went to high school between 2000 and 2008 and were into alternative music, there should be no reason why Brand New has been missed by your radar. If you read Alt Press, NME or Rock Sound, there was no way you could have missed the rivalry between them and Taking Back Sunday – a rivalry that churned out some amazing music.

So here is a list of my favourites:

‘The Quiet things That No One Ever Knows’ (2003) – This is definitely the “big hit” on Deja Entendu. I feel uncomfortable saying “big hit.” Just listen to it; I’m sure you’ll get what I’m saying.

‘Soco Ammaretto Lime’ (2001) off of Your Favourite Weapon. This song, man. Takes me back to when I was younger and more mischievous. This may be the only song from Your Favourite Weapon on this list but that is no reflection on the album – it is an amazing debut album and I recommend giving it a listen.

‘Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades’ (2003) – Although ‘The Quite things’ may be the “big hit”, Sic Transit Gloria is the money-maker. Such a great song. It creates some seriously unsettling imagery, but in the best of ways.

‘Okay I Believe You, but My Tommy Gun Don’t’ (2003) – A special person made me a mix with this on it. That kind of sealed the deal for the relationship.

‘Guernica’ (2003) – This is my wildcard from Deja.

Sowing Season (2006) – The opening track on 2006’s The Devil and God are Raging inside Me is the perfect song to introduce this album.


‘Millstone’ (2006) – The second track on The Devil and God are Raging inside Me

‘Jesus’ (2006) – The third track on The Devil and God are Raging inside Me. I’m sure you’re picking up a pattern… the entire album is brilliant. Check it out live on David Letterman:

‘Degausser’ (2006) – It’s almost impossible not to recommend every song from The Devil and God are Raging inside Me.

‘Not the Sun’ (2006) – Play this loud and be prepared to get amped to level 9000.

‘The Archers Bows Have Broken’ (2006) – a great melodic track with some serious momentum and beautifully layered-guitars.

‘You Stole’ – (2009) Following an album like The Devil and God are Raging inside Me would be difficult for any band but, personally I feel that, Brand New nailed it. I think this is possibly one of the finest songs on 2009’s Daisy. I think the best way to sum up Daisy is: If The Devil and God was Brand New’s Nevermind, then Daisy is their InUtero.

‘Sink’ (2009) – Soft, loud, soft, loud. Awesome.

Noro‘ (2009) – That guitar sound… I have no words. Why doesn’t every guitar sound like that?

Ok so I originally planned to make this a “Top 10 Brand New songs you have to hear before Oppi” but sometimes Top 10’s have to be Top 15’s. So Brand New’s latest offering “Mene” is my number 15. Mene references older Brand New and has an old-skater-hardcore vibe about it.

Let us know which Brand New song is your favourite in the comments below.

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5 years ago

Hadn’t heard them before. They are actually quite cool

james n-y
james n-y
5 years ago

Jesus live on Letterman is getting me so amped to check them out!

5 years ago

So I missed out on oppi but this setlist is the heat!!!!!!!!!!!!

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