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Watch A Timelapse Of The Chappie Graffiti Stunt [Video]

Chappie movie

Check out sci-fi-inspired art in motion as YouTube and graffiti talent combine to create something as unique as Chappie himself.

Chappie, from South African director Neill Blomkamp, releases today in cinemas, and if the trailers haven’t got you pumped up enough, some of the most talented graffiti artists in Europe have put together Europe’s ‘largest shareable piece of artwork’ inspired by the robo-action movie.

Sony Pictures and OMD hand-selected some incredible artists from London’s Graffiti Life, as well as 12 YouTube influencers to take part in the stunt to celebrate the release of  the movie. These influencers had a combined video view count of over one billion, and met with director Neill Blomkamp on the morning of the event to see a screening of Chappie.

In the evening a 60 x 10 ft graffiti wall with iconic imagery from the movie was produced. The influencers helped paint large sections of the canvas in just 3 hours. Once complete the artwork was broken down into 600 unique pieces of artwork which were then shared amongst their fans and followers.

The whole event was live-stream by popular online gaming platform Twitch.

We got the chance to review the anticipated film ahead of its release, and loved it despite a few shortcomings. You can read MenStuff’s full spoiler-free Chappie review here.

Check the live event timelapse below:

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