Pixels Movie Trailer Is An Awesome Jolt Of Gaming Nostalgia And Comedy

Pixels movie

Adam Sandler stars in Pixels – where Pac-Man appears to have invaded planet Earth. Check out the first trailer.

It’s understandable to approach Adam Sandler’s films with a hint of hesitation (his more recent entries haven’t been the best), but this time he’s taking on something vastly different from the familiar rom-com scenario.

Sandler is leading a star-packed cast in Pixels, the new movie from Home Alone and Mrs Doubtfire director Chris Columbus. And it’s looking quite promising.

There’s a nice idea behind this one too. It tells of aliens, who pick up feeds of classic videogames. Unfortunately, when they see the likes of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, said aliens get the wrong idea, and take that as a declaration of war on planet Earth.

Here, then, Sandler plays a videogame expert who leads the fightback. And from the first trailer that’s just been released, this one looks really rather interesting.

Check it out below:

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