Justice League: Brand New Trailer Reveals New Footage

Justice League trailer

DC’s greatest heroes prepare for battle in the latest Justice League Comic-Con trailer.

We’re a couple of short months away from the official release of WB’s superhero epic Justice League. After the cataclysmic events in Batman v Superman, the DC Extended Universe is busy ramping up the intensity as a collection of superheroes have to band together in order to stop an intergalactic threat from annihilating earth. We’ve seen two trailers leading up to this one, and both focus on familiarising the audience with the characters that will be making up the league, while also exposing some important details regarding the plot.

We know Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman are the key members, that there’s still some mystery surrounding the fate of Superman, and that the main villain is a demigod from another planet named Steppenwolf.

This new trailer, like the last, focuses on some visual spectacles we can expect to see during the movie, as well as giving us another rock classic (Heroes by David Bowie) as the background music. It teases a couple of questions regarding the plot, as well – and since this isn’t labeled as the “final trailer” we can possibly expect one last one before the movie releases. Hopefully, if there is another, they avoid releasing any serious plot points to get the audience bought into the movie. If you’re an avid fan and don’t want to be exposed to any possibly ruinous spoilers, now might be a good time to go dark on any additional trailers or TV spots!

What did you think of the trailer, can Justice League get the DCEU back on track?

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