First Trailer for ‘The Dark Tower’ Pits Idris Elba Against Matthew McConaughey

A big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s famed The Dark Tower novel has been in the works for quite some time now, but after some ups and downs with production, we finally get a first-look at the film thanks to a brand-new trailer.

Compact and visceral, the trailer does a great job summing up the core conflict at the film’s centre. The Dark Tower follows a weary, isolated Gunslinger named Roland (Idris Elba). Roland follows Matthew McConaughey’s Man in Black across a desert landscape, seeking revenge and trying to make his way to the Dark Tower, a metaphysical cosmic nexus that holds the key to restoring Roland’s burned-out shell of a world — and to destroying our own.

As he pursues the Man in Black, he’s pursued himself by Jake (Tom Taylor), a boy from New York City whose visions of the Gunslinger and his world have led him to cross the border between universes. Eventually, Jake leads Roland back to New York to finish his pursuit of the Man in Black before he destroys the tower and causes both worlds to fall.

While Stephen King wrote an eight-book series, this film isn’t actually an adaptation of those books: it’s sort of a sequel to the entire series.

The Dark Tower is scheduled to hit theatres on August 2017.

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