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5 Movies We Can’t Wait to Watch in July 2019

Which movies should you have on your radar this month?

Jeremy Proome



Movies in July 2019

July must have arguably the most diverse line-up in recent months, with everything from superhero outings to horrifying creature-features popping up; and in anticipation for it all, we’ve rounded up the 5 movies hitting the big-screen this month that we can’t wait to see!

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Release date: 3 July 2019

While the dust is still settling from the colossal release of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel fans can look forward to the next film in the MCU, Spider-Man: Far From Home. The overarching plot for this Spider-Man sequel follows Peter Parker after the event of Endgame as he embarks on a school-trip to Europe, where he encounters some new villains and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio – a notable figure in Spider-Man lore.

Child’s Play

Release date: 12 July 2019

A horror icon gets a reboot with the return of Child’s Play, reintroducing the world to the demonic red-headed toy with a passion for killing. Acting as a reboot and somewhat of a remake of the original, the new iteration stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, and Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky.


Release date: 12 July 2019

While Stuber sounds like a somewhat ridiculous premise for a movie, it looks to have some good chemistry between Kumail Nanjiani (Deadpool) and Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy). The film follows Stu (Nanjiani) who picks up a passenger (Bautista) who turns out to be a cop hot on the trail of a brutal killer. Stu is then thrust into a harrowing ordeal where he desperately tries to hold onto his wits, his life and his five-star rating.

The Lion King

Release date: 19 July 2019

While this year’s Aladdin got relatively mixed reviews, Disney is hoping to keep its live-action remake rock rolling, with The Lion King up next. Directed by Jon Favreau (who directed the first Iron Man), the all-new iteration of this classic tale returns to Pride Rock, and includes an all-star cast featuring Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as Nala, James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa and Billy Eichner as Timon.


Release date: 26 July 2019

There’s been a few monsters-beneath-the-surface films in recent years (The ShallowsRogue), but none have hit the cult-status of the likes of Deep Blue Sea or Jaws, but Alexandre Aja’s Crawl could be the next big creature-feature to keep us out of the water for quite some time. Crawl tells the story of a young woman who becomes trapped in a flooding house in Florida during a Category 5 hurricane. However, it’s what lurks below the rising water that’s the real threat. Sam Raimi, who is best known for his work on the original Spider-Man trilogy, is on-board as producer.

Which movie are you most looking forward to seeing this month? Let us know by tweeting @MenStuffZA, posting on our Facebook page, or commenting below.

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