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5 Biggest Movies to Look Forward to in May 2018

Deadpool 2 header

Which big-name blockbusters can you look forward to this month?

April had some pretty good flicks to keep us busy, with the proceedings unequivocally dominated by the record-breaking Avengers: Infinity War. That said, May has some notable releases up it’s sleeve, with Deadpool’s second entry hitting screens; while Disney continues to expand the Star Wars universe with an origin story of one of the franchise’s most beloved characters.


Release date: 4 May 2018

After the releases of horror movies like Get Out, It, and A Quiet Place, we’re on a hot streak of not only impressively scary, but also scarily-good horror movies. Unsane is looking to keep that roll going. It’s directed by Stephen Soderburgh – better known for comedies and dramas like the Ocean’s heist series, and the first Magic Mike, but it seems he’s made the leap into the fright-genre quite easily. Claire Foy plays the film’s protagonist, Sawyer Valentini, who has just started a new job in a new city to escape a stalker. After being involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric institution following a therapy session, she suspects one of the orderlies may in fact be her stalker. With none of her fellow patients or doctors believing her, she has to fight tooth and nail in order to escape whatever horrors he may have in store for her. Need something to quicken your pulse and potentially make you never accept a friend request from anyone you don’t know again? This will do the trick.

A Wrinkle in Time

Release date: 4 May 2018

A Wrinkle in Time is Disney’s latest live-action project, based on the 1962 science fiction fantasy novel of the same name by Madeleine L’Engle. It follows a precociously intelligent young girl whose father has gone missing since he discovered a new planet. With the help of a few quirky sidekicks, her and her little brother take a dangerous journey to this new planet in the hopes of finding and rescuing her father. Oprah Winfrey makes her film comeback, and is flanked by a star-studded cast including Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Zach Galifianakis. Anyone looking for a family-friendly outing should look no further


Release date: 11 May 2018

Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame trades his 1960s suit and Don Draper charm for thrills and espionage in this period drama set in 1982. Hamm’s protagonist is Mason Skiles, a hostage negotiator who is approached and enlisted by the CIA to try and save a kidnapped friend of his, but both the kidnappers, as well as the CIA, have ulterior motives. This is very much a high-stakes thriller that will please anyone who enjoys suspense and intrigue – but won’t necessarily satisfy people who want a little more action with their thrillers. 

Deadpool 2

Release date: 18 May 2018

Deadpool’s first silver-screen outing was a resounding success that managed to hold its own against other more established comic-book characters in their own respective films. Ryan Reynolds returns as the merc with the potty-mouth, but this time around, he’s not going to be kicking ass and taking names alone – he’s going to be putting his own band of misfits together to help him. He’s also got an upgrade in the antagonist department, with Josh Brolin playing Cable, of X-Men fame, who has Wade Wilson firmly in his crosshairs. A lot of the success of the original might have been the novelty, but the increased scale of the sequel and introduction of more characters from the X-Men universe should mean Deadpool enjoys another blockbuster success.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Release date: 25 May 2018

Outside of the Skywalker family (and Bobb Fett, obviously) Han Solo is one of the most popular characters from the Star Wars franchise. Is it because of the character’s devil may care attitude, or because of Harrison Ford’s brilliance in the role? We’re about to find out as only the second actor in the character’s history gives us a portrayal of a young Han Solo as he finds his way through the galaxy. Other fan favourites like Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian also make appearances, but the story firmly focuses on a number of capers that Solo has to navigate on the way to establishing his reputation as the best smuggler in the galaxy. If Rogue One was anything to go by, then the spin-off Star Wars movies will be just as engaging as the main trilogy – and hopefully that trend continues with Solo.


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