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What are the Games You Can Still Play with Your Dad?

Add some friendly-competition into the father-son dynamic!




Father Son gaming

When it comes to days reserved for parent’s appreciation, usually fathers get the short-end of the stick. You can hardly find anyone saying to a random father with his kid “Happy Father’s Day”. When you’re young, celebrating Father’s Day is fun and everything, but once you’re an adult who doesn’t spend a lot of time with his parents anymore, showing appreciation for everything they’ve done can mean a lot, whether it’s a Father’s or Mother’s Day. You don’t have to be young and it doesn’t have to be father’s day to enjoy some quality time with your dad. There isn’t any better way to spend some time with your dad than playing some games together.

Here are some games that will make your dad rediscover his “inner child” and the
enjoyment included in playing games.

Video Games

Your non-gaming father might have fallen in love with video games in the past but not anymore. You can revive that love simply by playing old video games together. If your parents have never tried playing before, you can still teach them. There is a common misconception around video games that only losers and violent guys play them. However, you are still able to change that stereotype with some non-violent addictive games. For example, parents who enjoy puzzles can enjoy “Portal” that has multiplayer mode so you can play together and some mind-bending challenges. For artistic parents who will enjoy the art, music, and the overall aesthetic of “Journey” which is also a team-based game that depends on brains.

Air Hockey

Air hockey is an extremely easy game that you and your dad could easily enjoy. All it requires is some quick reflexes, understanding of the game concept, and knowledge about angles and velocity. You can choose the size of your favourite air hockey table from 2ft that can be placed on a table or on the floor up to 7ft and full size tables. Choose the right table size by evaluating the free space you have that you can place the table in.

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Ping Pong

Who doesn’t love getting competitive with their dads and enjoy a challenging game? The game is similar to air hockey when it comes to its easiness, but with the use of balls and pads instead of pucks and strikes. With air hockey, you are kind of restricted to the table size so it’s kind of easier to learn and play. But with ping pong, the ball could go anywhere so you have to have a wider reach.


The quality of the game is not the focal point here; spending some time with your dad is about showing your father that you appreciate him. It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day who won or lost, the only thing that matters is that you spent some quality time together. Your father may not care much about the game. What he will care about is that you decided to reconnect again with him. As long as you’re showing your father that you appreciate him, you can will be
able to have some fun together.

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