SA-Owned Bannermans Scotch Whiskey Now Available in South Africa

Bannerman's Main

An independent contender to take on the big-names!

Truman and Orange has been behind the introduction of some finer alcohol brands to the South African market, and the Cape Town-based alcohol company has now added Bannermans to their roster, which should please whiskey fans looking for a new blended Scotch.

A feather in Bannermans’ cap is that, not only is it a newer brand to the SA market, but it is actually owned by South African entrepreneur Rowan Liebbrandt, offering a bit of competition to the well-established household names that have been participating in this market for so long.

According to Liebbrandt, Bannermans gives South African whiskey enthusiasts an opportunity to try something that is competitively positioned and independently made, along with it being unlike anything whiskey-lovers have come across before.

It’s produced in Scotland in the Speyside style, using more complex malt whiskeys and a slower distillation process to create smooth, fruity flavours. The implementation of Spanish sherry casks in the maturation process results in a slightly sweeter taste, too.

Bannermans is available at most major liquor retailers and priced between R220-R240 per bottle.

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