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Moe’s Tavern From The Simpsons Is A Real Thing, And You Can Drink There

If you’re heading to Universal Studios in Orlando, there’s one particular place that you have to visit…

Jeremy Proome



Moes Tavern header

When watching The Simpsons, Moe’s Tavern has always been the safe haven for the men of Springfield to kick back, have a beer, and be ridiculous, and the good news is that you can now visit the iconic watering hole in real-life and enjoy some Duff Beer too.

Located at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, Moe’s Tavern is a fully-functional bar, where you can meet some friends and get that much closer to everyone’s favourite animated pub.

If the authentic Krusty Burgers, Flaming Moes, and chicken-and-waffle dishes don’t do it for you, you can also always just have a catch-up with Barney, who’s constantly questioning where his beer disappeared to.

Check out some pictures of Moe’s Tavern below:

Moes Tavern 7

Moes Tavern 2

Moes Tavern 3

Moes Tavern 5

Moes Tavern 6

Moes Tavern 4

Moes Tavern 1

Moes Tavern 8

Moes Tavern 9

Moes Tavern 10

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