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Looking to Escape SA’s Winter? Here’s the One Thing You Need to Pack

Because a trip without a pair of quality swimshorts is not worth taking.




Toucans breazies

Yeah, we’re not going to lie. It’s looking less and less likely that people will be jumping into a pool or ocean in South Africa during this chilly winter period (unless you’re one of those crazy surfers), but that doesn’t mean the heat, sun, and beaches needs to stop. The truth is, by nature, most South Africans tend to venture off to tropical and exotic locations in order to escape our winter – it’s in our DNA! But because of the incoming cold, finding a good pair of swim shorts for your trip to Thailand, Bali, or wherever else you’re heading can be difficult.

Thankfully, we’ve got a locally-produced and exciting option right here in the Republic itself. Breazies – coming in hot, right out of Salt Rock, Durban – delivers South African water-lovers colourful, affordable, and locally-relevant swimwear right to your door!

In addition to some awesomely bold prints (flamingos riding unicycles, anyone?), the beautifully-designed shorts feature mesh linings, thick drawstring cords with metal aglets at the ends, a convenient velcro pocket at the back, and an elasticated waistband. They also come in a handy little string bag to take with you to the beach if need be.

If you’re planning on hitting the beach in the coming months and want to carry a little more character into the water check out Breazies’ statement swim shorts – they come in at R600-R650 per pair and they organise free shipping in SA!

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