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How To Plan The Perfect Stag Party For Your Friend

Here’s how to get your mate’s stag party off to a great start.




Planning a stag party can be a daunting task. You want to make sure that the groom-to-be has a night he’ll never forget, but you also need to take into account everyone’s preferences and make sure that everyone is on the same page. That can be difficult when you’re dealing with a group of rowdy guys who all have different ideas about what makes for a good time.

But don’t worry, you’re covered. This article will walk you through everything you need to know in order to plan the perfect stag party for your friend.

Who’s Going?

The stag party can be a small affair consisting of you and a handful of friends, or it can be a huge blowout with dozens of people. It all depends on how close you, your friend, and everyone else are as a group. If the stag is going to include a few dozen guys from college whom he hasn’t seen in years, plan on making sure there’s plenty for them to do. On the other hand, if you’re only inviting his closest buddies from work and some cousins from out of town, there might not be as much planning involved. These things are sometimes made easier with who have ready-made plans for a known number of people. While you want to make it memorable, it shouldn’t be overwhelming for the party boy.

The stag party doesn’t have to last an entire weekend – it could just be one night – but longer celebrations often lead to more fun-filled memories that will have the stag reminiscing long after the party is over.

Choosing a Location

Planning a stag party doesn’t mean you have to travel hundreds of miles. Your friend’s hometown is often the most logical choice, but it also means that he’ll probably feel obligated to invite everyone he knows – and that could make for an awkward time if his ex-girlfriend has her new boyfriend in town.

As such, choose a location where stag parties are common and stag-friendly – think about renting a cabin or beach house, for instance – making sure to look up local laws regarding stag celebrations before planning anything. You don’t want trouble with the law ruining the party! 

Food and Drink

You’re planning a stag party, not a wedding, so keep in mind that you’re catering to a bunch of rowdy guys. They’re going to want foods they enjoy and liquor they like. You don’t have to stick with traditional stag food such as chicken wings and cheap beers, though – it’s perfectly acceptable (and sometimes more fun) to go with something different for the menu.

The stag is probably going to be hungry by the time he gets back from seeing his bride-to-be, so having plenty of snacks and lighter fare for when everyone arrives is important. Things can get crazy later on after everyone has had some drinks and appetizers; keep in mind that people may need room for all kinds of activities once you get them to the stag party location.

Entertainment and Activities

Once everyone has had a few drinks, stag parties tend to get pretty rowdy – and that may include activities such as karaoke, strip poker, or even an adult-themed game of spin the bottle if you know your stag well enough (and he won’t mind). You’ll need to consider whether or not these kinds of entertainment options will plant ideas in someone’s head about what is and isn’t allowed during the stag celebration. If you’re drinking shots all night and then playing games like strip poker, it might be best to leave out the drinking games and play cards instead. That way people can still get their fix while having fun without worrying about their stag thinking they want to turn the evening in a more adult direction.

Entertainment options for stag parties don’t have to be about drinking or activities that might lead to trouble later on, either. You can play all kinds of stag party games such as darts, poker (without stripping), and board games like charades. And if your stag is into music, get some friends together and form a stag band where each member takes turns playing popular songs while everyone sings along.

If you’re the stag’s best friend, it’s your job to make sure he has a night that will never be forgotten. This is easier said than done because stag parties are often rowdy and wild. You’ll need to plan for food, drinks, entertainment options (both tame and not so tame), as well as activities – all while figuring out what everyone wants in terms of local laws and customs concerning such celebrations. It can also be helpful if you know who is coming beforehand so you don’t invite too many people or give them any surprises on the big night!

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