How to Get Free Discount Codes for All the Big Online Stores

Discount code

Here’s how to land some coupon codes to save you some money during your next online shopping session.

If you’re an avid online shopper, it’s likely that you’re a seasoned deal-hunter too. While we’ve already covered an app which helps track price-drops, we’ve also stumbled upon a handy new service to unlock discount coupons for any online store.

Honey is a Google Chrome extension which scours the web, databases, newsletters, and social media for any coupons or discount codes associated with an online store you’re currently shopping on. So, for example, if you’re about to purchase some sneakers, you can hit the Honey button before paying, and have any discount codes applied to your cart before checking out. Honey finds discounts for over 30,000 merchants from various retail industries, so there’s a far chance that your favourite shops are covered on their discount-radar.

What’s even better is that Honey has its own built-in Droplist, allowing you to keep tabs on prices of items you’re after, and receive notifications when those prices change. Also, if you’re shopping on Amazon, it has an integrated comparison tool, so you can check the various deals from sellers on Amazon.

So, if you want to hit up the big international retailers, whether it be Amazon or Forever21, Honey will help save you some much-needed Rands during these times. Of course, getting that now-discounted product to SA is the next hurdle.

Here’s how you get the goods!

Luckily we’ve discovered a super easy, reliable, convenient, and affordable way to send care packages to your loved ones abroad (Hallelujah!). South African-owned, Postbox Courier offers express courier services to and from South Africa ensuring the package you sent will arrive at their door in a matter of days – that’s right, no month-long nail-biting wait to hear from your relatives and friends if the package you sent has arrived safely!

If you’ve ever tried to send something to a relative overseas then you no doubt know it’s a mission of note. Postbox Courier can save you time and money on international shipping costs and offers a reliable alternative to the current courier and postal services we already have here in South Africa. With depots in the US, UK, Hong Kong, UAE, Australia, and South Africa, you can make your loved ones feel right at home with a care package filled with South African treats or even just a birthday gift to let them know they’re still top of mind.

Furthermore, you can also shop for yourself online, and take advantage of the big international retailers (previously unattainable from SA), such as the likes of ASOS, BestBuy and more!

So how does it work?

Postbox Courier offers customers a central delivery point in South Africa, to which their online purchases are posted or delivered by the local supplier. These online purchases can then be grouped into one delivery and be shipped directly to your door throughout the world. PostBox Courier says they can save online shoppers up to 70% on their shipping costs from South Africa so it’s a no-brainer really!

They are currently offering delivery from their depots in the US and UK, so any stores or purchases over there are fair-game!

How long will it take?

Of course, with the limited transport, delivery will take a little longer than usual. However, Postbox Courier is shipping from the US and UK once a week; so if you’re happy to wait, you should get your parcel or orders within a week or two.

The depots are Hong Kong and Sydney are not fully functional just yet, as flights to SA have not yet resumed from those destinations.

How much does it cost?

The cool thing is that registration is FREE with no monthly subscription charge. Users simply sign up on the Postbox Courier website, get allocated personal post-box addresses at all of the company’s worldwide depots and can then use the system’s online tracking functionality to send and track their parcel shipments all the way to their front door.

To find out more about PostBox-Courier and just how easy the service is to use, read our full review here or visit the PostBox Courier website here.

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