Here is the Beer that Won Best African Beer for 2018/2019

Mad Giant Beer

Not only is it delicious, but environmentally-friendly too!

What does a beer have to do to be voted the best beer in Africa? Offer a unique and exceptional flavour? Of course – but offering something a little extra never hurt, and that’s what Mad Giant have managed to do.

Their Killer Hop pale ale won the Overall Best Beer award at the 2018/2019 African Beer awards, bringing a lot of brewing pride to Johannesburg and to the Mad Giant brewery based in the city.

Mad Giant Beer Killer Hop

But, their award-winning beer isn’t the only reason to pay attention to the brand, their environmental contributions are a sober recognition that companies should be thinking about issues affecting the public as much as they should be thinking of offering kick-ass products.

Mad Giant is busy waging a war on single-use plastics and their incredibly damaging effect on the environment, particularly sea life. In the words of their forward-thinking founder Eben Uys: “Plastic has become a massive pollutant of our rivers and seas. We don’t have an option but to start a journey of eradicating plastic”. In their packing process they’ve moved away from plastic and have opted for paper as an expensive substitute, but one that’s far kinder to the environment.”

Unfortunately he’s right on the money; and if we want our future generations to be able to enjoy beach holidays and edible seafood, everyone is going to need to start focusing on eliminating single-use plastic from our daily lives. That’s difficult, though, so what better way to do your part than to support a company that makes tasty beer and will contribute a positive impact on your behalf?

The next time you need something refreshing and new, trying any of their lineup, and help the environment while you’re at it. Here’s the rest of the gang (in addition to the Killer Hop).

  • Urban Legend: Fruity and Bold IPA, 6% ABV.
  • Mad Giant: Biscuit, honey, and toffee-evoking Lager.
  • The Guzzler: Refreshingly crisp Pilsner.
  • Electric Light: Floral and Light Weiss.

You can find out where their beer is stocked on their website. Alternatively, for any Joburgers who are also beer aficionados, they’re based on 1 Fox Street in Johannesburg – so make sure to give them a visit next time you’re in the area!

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