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Four Cousins’ Boet Beer Range is Worth Getting Your Lips Into

Boets with a heritage in wine!




Most South African wine drinkers will be more than familiar with the acclaimed and popular Four Cousins wine that’s been around for over 20 years. However, their lesser-known product ranges is that of another beloved South African beverage: beer. Four Cousins’ Boet Beer range offers a wide variety of brews to suit any and every palate, and they originate from the same area in Robertson that the winery has called home for decades.

Their beers are brewed using highly modern equipment, with the best mountain water and imported hops and malt, all under the supervision of their master brewer. Although new beers are commonly released, the Boet Beer range’s strength is in its selection; with a choice of five different beers being offered:

  • The Golden Ale: With earthy hints of hops and malty sweetness.
  • The Lager: Fresh and crisp lager with a balanced bitterness.
  • The Pale Ale: Traditional ale with balanced hops and fruity flavour.
  • The English IPA: An English-style IPA with medium bitterness and soft citrus flavour.
  • American Pale Ale: Full bodied Pale ale packed with American hops.

Boet beer

Their brewery is even open for public visits in the heart of Robertson, and they offer daily tours, beer pairings and an on site restaurant where all their brews can be enjoyed. To find out more about the new craft beer range they offer follow their social media handles and stay tuned for more info!

You can check out more on Boet Beer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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