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‘Floating Dutchman’ Craft Rum Launches in SA

A new, pirate-inspired rum arrives in time for Summer!




Craft beverages of every kind are big news at the moment, so rum enthusiasts will be happy to know their poison of choice has a new craft product for them to sample. This rum has its origins in the Cape and is locally produced, drawing on inspiration of a famous pirate tale for its name and brand.

Pirates and rum go hand in hand (hand in hook?) – and the adventurous lifestyle enjoyed by sailors who visited the Cape were an inspiration for locals Dirk Prinsloo and Eric van Heerden of Triggerfish Brewing when they dreamt up their craft rum.

They chose an apt name for it, too: the Floating Dutchman. The story of the Floating Dutchman is a folk legend of the only sailor ever to have served on the infamous Flying Dutchman and managed to tell the tale afterwards. His history is checkered with stories of impressive adventures – now to be shared through the legacy of this craft rum.

As for the rum itself, it’s made from fermented molasses using red wine yeast to promote more fruity organic compounds. The spirit is then matured with a combination of French and American oak, providing vanilla and caramel characteristics and a smooth finish.

The Floating Dutchman Rum will be available at Triggerfish Breweries in Paardevlei near Somerset West, along at Bar Keeper in Cape Town CBD – with plans for it to be on more shelves in the very near future.

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