Divorcing but Still Living Together During the Holidays?

How managing your seperated relationships during the holidays is important for you and your family.

The legal divorce process may last from several months up to a year or more, so it will certainly overlap into some holiday time. Events happening during holidays are usually associated with these holidays for long years after. Due to this, it is significant to maintain an amicable relationship and joyful atmosphere in your family at least for holiday time. If you don’t need it, then your kids definitely deserve it. So, gather all your strength and patience and care to make your holidays memorable in a good way.

Postpone Divorce Issues

Holidays are not the right time to deal with divorce court forms, go to meetings, or discuss divorce details. This may be the last time when you celebrate something like a full family, so try to make the most out of it. All the divorce procedures may wait so that you can grant precious time to your family and kids. The same thing works on the emotional level. Try not to discuss touchy topics or argue on divorce or any other things with your soon-to-be-ex, which will only blacken your holidays and disappoint your kids. It may be really difficult to handle but try to avoid conflicts with your spouse by exiting the room when the situation becomes tensive and concentrating more on your children and holiday atmosphere than the divorce itself. Divorce drama is the last thing you and your kids need for this festive time.

Talk with Relatives

Even if you put legal divorce documents in the far corner of your chest of drawers to wait until the end of the holidays, some relatives may decide to bring up the topic right at the festive table. It will bring happiness neither to you nor to your kids. So, you’d better have a serious talk with your friends and relatives before any family celebrations. They may nurture the desire to take your or your husband’s side, discuss the hot topic straightaway, approve or disapprove of your decision here and now. But you should put all efforts to make them realize that it can all wait for several days for the sake of your kids and holidays in general. If the situation with some relatives is really tough, you can go to visit them separately, but the rule not to touch divorce issues should be valid in any situation.

Stay Close with Your Children

To make the holidays easier t handle you should program yourself for certain thoughts and actions. First of all, you need to concentrate on your children and their problems, but not on your personal difficulties. If they already know about your intentions to get divorced, you may have a little talk to make the situation clear. But, overall, try not to focus your and your kids’ attention on divorce things. Talk and deal with their childish issues, spend time cooking, playing, watching films together. Discuss some plans and fears for the future, so that your children can see that life is to be normal and even happy when their parents draw apart.

Maintain Some Holiday Traditions

Holidays are a special time because they unite families with their special details and traditions. To keep the spirit of holidays genuine, you should plan everything beforehand. This s the situation when you and your spouse have to cooperate for the sake of everyone’s wellness. Discuss which family traditions are really important to maintain and which are better to alter not to bring up uncomfortable situations, quarrels, and unpleasant silence. Pay attention to presents, so that such a significant detail will not be the vivid sign of your separation but perform its function to make everyone happy properly. Talk about festive dinners and visiting relatives in advance, so that you will not argue about that during celebrations. All in all, try to make holiday time as convenient and positive for your kids and both of you as well.

Find Time for Yourself

Searching for cheap divorce papers online, pretending that everything is, as usual, smiling to all friends and relatives, backing up your kids, spending holiday side by side with your spouse no matter what relationships and many more is to bring huge tension and stress to you. When you concentrate on making celebrations convenient and pleasant for everyone around, don’t forget about caring for yourself. Otherwise, you are to end up with serious physical and emotional disorders, being under the constant pressure of circumstances. That is why it is vital to find time for yourself. Try to have at least ten minutes a day when you can be on your own and be yourself. Let the emotions out, cry or scream when no one can hear, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in complete silence, switch off your thoughts, meditate, take a walk. Do anything you need to release your tension. It will help you to bear the burden, stay healthy and strong in any situation. Which is significant both for you and your kids.

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