Can You Create Revenue While Drinking Beer?

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Should you consider a beer-soaked job switch?

Drinking beer can be addictive to the extent that it’s hard to manage and stop. At the same time, creating your revenue is more essential than anything else. This leaves you with a decision to make on how to manage the two parts of your life. Leaving without creating any revenue means you will not be able to pay your bills and even pay for your habit; drinking beer.

There are some ways you can set and follow them correctly and eventually help you create your revenue while drinking beer. The tips will as well help you save money. Now, let’s look at these tips you can follow and save your money while on your alcohol.

Drink At Home
Drinking at your home can be different from drinking at a bar. Of course, drinking alone cannot be compared with drinking with your friends. With your friends, you feel you have a company and talk to men. But, there are other essential things you have to consider. You have other responsibilities to take care of.

According to, when you drink, chances of creating more revenues are very high. At home, you are responsible because you cannot buy more beer. Besides, you will have your family, and you cannot drink too much as they are with you. At the bar with friends, you can drink even your last penny in your wallet. Drinking at home will remind you of other responsibilities.

Be Local

You will agree with me that international products are more expensive than local brands. This applies to all kinds of products. Surprisingly, people always like consuming international bands more than local ones. Then, that means spending more. Various factors make international products more expensive than the local one, and one of them is the shipping cost.

Since local products don’t experience extra taxation like international products, they are usually cheap. Some people don’t like consuming local brands for fear of being called cheap. You have to know that your life comes first. If international brands are expensive for you, just consume the local brand. There is nothing with consuming the local brand. Besides, the advantage is for you as you will have something to save for your pocket.

Save on Food

I know people wonder how you can save on the essential aspect of life. Of course, it’s not that way. I am talking about the food served in bars and restaurants. Bars are making a lot of profits from foods served to their customers. If you want to create more of your revenue, you have to skip the food from the bar.

Ordering food while drunk can make you order something more than you wanted. However, you will understand that it’s good to drink when you are not hungry. But, that doesn’t mean you have to eat at the bar. You can save that money and eat at home before leaving for the bar.

Utilise the happy hour

Alcohol can be costly, sometimes. The best side of the bars is that they have a happy hour offer. The common time for happy hour offers is in the evening. During this time, they usually offer the lowest beer prices. Don’t make yourself too expensive such that you cannot utilize the happy hour.

This should always be your chance of saving your money. Besides, this is the time that you are likely to be off from your work. Prices can drop as low as 20% of the normal price. This hour elapses but you can buy to drink even after it elapses. Some bars even have the happy hour in the afternoon.

Be Responsible

This is one of the best factors for saving money on drinks. You have to know life doesn’t stop at drinking alcohol. There are other things to do. One way of being responsible is setting up a drinking limit. And, you have to stick to your limit. If you have reached your limit, don’t listen to anybody. The best way will be walking away.


Creating revenues is the determinant of your life. Drinking is one habit that when you start, it will be hard to leave. However, the article has provided you with tips on saving money while you drink your beer. After following and doing accordingly, you will see the change.

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