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Adidas Opens Sustainable-Focused Store in CT, Prioritising Recyclable Fashion

Adidas takes a huge step forward with a new concept store that puts sustainability first.



As a continuation of its commitment to sustainability, Adidas South Africa has opened its most sustainable retail space in SA at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

Taking inspiration from nature, the 478sqm Adidas Concept store is centred around a biophilic design, which is all about “bringing the outdoors inside”, and sees natural elements, such as live plants, reclaimed wood, and recycled materials, all incorporated into building design.

Some of the store’s features include:

The 4.5sqm living plant wall is made up of a variety of plant species known for their humidifying and filtration properties, and for promoting a sense of wellbeing.

The cash desk is made from reclaimed wood, taken from crates used to transport retail fixtures and mannequins.

Poly twill fabric banners featured in-store are made from recycled plastic bottles, while shelving is manufactured by Smile Plastics and made from plastic waste.

Xanita engineered fibreboard made from recycled materials, is used for décor and in-store displays.

The Terrazzo floor is made from cement with the addition of marble chips, rock and glass, making it both a durable and eco-friendly option.

Adidas Waterfront store

LEED Certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. It provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient green buildings.

The Adidas Concept store at the V&A Waterfront is currently undergoing LEED-certification in accordance with the USGBC’s LEED rating system, which amongst other criteria, takes water and energy efficiency, waste management and indoor environmental quality into account.

In keeping with the stringent LEED requirements, some of the measures implemented by the Adidas SA team include monitoring the air quality and energy consumption in real-time; being able to collect, sort and record waste on-site; and installing a reverse osmosis water purification system.

Product offering

Consumers can expect to find a wide range of Adidas items, many of which are made in part with recycled materials. Globally, Adidas has made a commitment that by 2025, 9 out of 10 Adidas articles will feature a sustainable technology, material, design or manufacturing method.

The store also offers a best-in-class showcasing of Adidas running, training, football, outdoor and Originals products, an exclusive offering of Y-3 footwear and apparel, and Collections by Stella McCartney and Karlie Kloss. To celebrate the opening of the Adidas Concept Store at the V&A Waterfront, there will also be limited edition T-shirts celebrating all that is beautiful about Cape Town.

Adidas Waterfront store

Creative Collaborations

When it comes to the store aesthetics, look out for the ‘Footwear Reimagined’ display, created by six South African artists, each working with a pair of iconic Adidas shoes and materials specific to their craft, to showcase how they imagine footwear could look in the future.

Danielle Clough (Adidas footwear: Ozweego). Danielle uses yarn and fabric offcuts to express the best of human emotion.

Atang Tshikare (Adidas footwear: Superstar). Atang uses reclaimed or indigenous wood and biomaterials to create otherworldly characters.

Xhanti Zwelendaba (Adidas footwear: Forum). Xhanti uses new mediums and alternative materials in his approach.

Ben Eagle (Adidas footwear: NMD). Ben’s area of interest is the organic relationship and interplay between abstract shape and colour.

Hannerie Visser, founder of Studio H (Adidas footwear: Stan Smith). Studio H is driven by the senses, defined by science, innovation and sustainable practices.

Matthew Edwards (Adidas footwear: Ultraboost). Matthew is fascinated by narratives and notions of new materials especially when it comes to circular design.

Matthew Edwards has also crafted a spectacular adidas Trefoil logo for the store, incorporating recycled plastic. The plastic used in the design comes from a beach clean-up held at the Parley Ocean School in Hout Bay in September 2021.

Digital innovation

Another aspect of operating more sustainably is moving away from printed in-store graphics to a more digital display. The Adidas Concept store is a continuation of the immersive digital experience launched in the Adidas Flagship Store (Sandton City) in July this year. Visitors will find a technology-led store with digital touchpoints throughout to create a range of consumer-first experiences for the South African market. An example is the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) mirror in the changing rooms, which automatically detects product information to provide consumers with different colour and style options.

Sense of Community

The Adidas Concept Store at the V&A Waterfront will be the new home of Adidas Runners Cape Town, with secure lockers available in-store to store personal belongings while out on a run. Another community-orientated feature is the spacious changing rooms, which are big enough to accommodate those shopping with children or wanting a private bra measurement service, requiring a little extra movement space. And if you’re short on time, make use of the Adidas ‘click and collect’ concierge service by purchasing online ahead of time.

The Adidas V&A Waterfront Store in Cape Town is located at Shop 213 and 214 on the upper level of the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. is about bringing men’s lifestyle features and news for the every man’s man. Sport, movies, games, culture and anything else that can grow hair on its chest. You won’t find cringe-worthy stereotypical testosterone-fueled “tips” here. MenStuff is all about catering for the real man of the 21st century – enjoying the fun things in life while also having a laugh and some banter with the lads.


Why You Should Use a Parcel Forwarding Service for Your Online Shopping

There are some clear benefits of using a parcel forwarding service.



You may have found the exact thing you want online, but before you hit that ‘checkout’ button and punch in your details, consider using a parcel forwarding service. Not only can this save you money and time in the long run, but it’ll also ensure that your goods actually get to you in one piece. We’ve rounded up some of the key benefits of using a reliable parcel forwarding service when indulging in your online shopping habits.

More choice

Of course, the most obvious benefit of using a parcel forwarding service is that you suddenly have access to stores from all over the world, whereas previously, you were at the mercy of retailers who only delivered to South Africa. A parcel forwarding company like Postbox Courier has delivery spots in New York, London, and other key cities around the world, allowing you to shop from essentially anywhere.

Added confidence

Some retailers who do ship to South Africa use their own choice of national mail providers or courier services, so you have no say in the matter. Using your own personally selected parcel forwarding company allows you to have direct contact with the couriers and ensure that your parcel doesn’t get lost or disappear into the ether, which tends to happen more often than not.

Package consolidation

This is probably the best tip for using Postbox Courier’s great service – because one of their biggest benefits is consolidating multiple orders into one shipment. You can save money by combining your orders (from one retailer or multiple stores) into one bigger package, then paying one shipping free, rather than multiple. Another tip is to get in touch with friends and family who also have shopping lists for items from international online stores so that you can split shipping. If you’re buying alone then paying for shipping individually can be a pricy prospect, but if you’re splitting it our or five ways it suddenly becomes a far more appealing idea.

Cheaper shipping

Even if the online retailer does offer international shipping, you still might end up paying really high shipping rates! Parcel forwarding companies often have local and international courier partners, allowing for the best rates for express shipping, something individual shops won’t be able to offer you.

Thanks to Parcel Forwarding Services, shoppers now have options, but finding a company that you can trust is the challenge. There are a lot of options available online, but as most online shoppers know, not everybody is trustworthy. Thankfully, Postbox Courier is not only a local South African company, but we’ve put them to the test!

The even better news is that registering with Postbox Courier is FREE, quick and easy and once you’ve registered you’ll get your very own delivery address in the UK, Hong Kong, US and Australia. Then, when it comes time to shop all you need to do is have your goods delivered to your most appropriate address.

Plus, if you’re not sure what the cost will be to import you can just drop them an email at with your wishlist and they will calculate how much you will have to pay in import charges and courier fees – this will help you decide on whether or not to purchase.

To find out more about Postbox Courier and just how easy the service is to use, read our full review here or visit the Postbox Courier website here.

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Tips to Store Clothes in Storage Units in Bellville

Thinking about using the ample space and storing clothes in storage units in Bellville?



You can store clothes, furniture, commercial goods, and many types of items in self-storage units in Bellville. However, you should know that there’s a proper way of storing every category of items in storage units. Storage units require a monthly rental cost while offering spacious rooms to keep your belongings safe. So, you have to make sure that you store all the necessary goods properly, without wasting space or damaging them.

With top-tier self-storage unit facilities, the chances of theft and burglary are far less. But, not storing your items properly can do more damage than theft! So, check out the following tips.

The Right Way to Store Clothes in Storage Units

Just like you fold some clothes and hang others, you have to acknowledge a few of those etiquettes for storing clothes in storage units. In storage units, you have to make sure that no item takes more space than intended. So, properly storing clothes will not only let you bring more items in but also prevent them (i.e. clothes) from getting damaged.

Store Once Washed

If you didn’t know this before, you should know that storing wet and dirty clothes can give rise to mildew and mold growth. That’s against the rules of most high-end self-storage unit facilities as it damages the storage units and the ones near it including the belongings within. You may get penalized for it by the company and may have to pay for repair. So, wash clothes before storing them in units.

Avoid Mixing Different Fabrics

This is necessary and most people who’re renting storage units for storing clothes don’t realize it. It’s important to keep your clothes apart as per the type of fabric it features. You may already know the effect of keeping your wool clothing close to silk clothing, i.e. silk clothing gets itchy instantly due to the wool.

Don’t Vacuum-Pack

Vacuuming packing may sound tempting but trust us, it’s not worth it. Even some clothing experts have pointed out that vacuum packing can cause wrinkles on clothes because they require air to breathe. Also, the lack of air in packed clothing can lead to fabric damage.

Roll and Hang Clothing

Rather than jumping up clothes and pressuring them into same-size boxes, care for the fabric that you own. While some fabrics can maintain the same quality over a long period while rolled, others will require you to hang them. The clothes you can hang include blouses, blazers, dress pants and so on. The clothes you can roll include pants, leggings, baby clothes, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

Can you rent out a storage unit to store only expensive clothes?

Yes, you can rent a self-storage unit for specifically storing expensive clothing.

Will my expensive clothes be safe in a self-storage unit?

Depending on the type of security your chosen storage unit company offers, your expensive clothes can be relatively safe.

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So You Want to Know Which Lotteries Have the Best Odds?

Which lotteries have some of the best odds in the world?



If you are looking for the easiest lottery to win, it’s possibly not as straightforward a search as you might think. There are few categories to consider when seeking out that draw that seems easier to win than the rest.

The French Lotto is a good start, as it is at the top of the list of best lotteries for winning and prize and features among the best lotteries for winning the main prize.

First up, it’s well worth noting that the odds of winning any prize with the French Lotto are one in six. That’s better than the Spanish Lotto’s one in 10, the Austrian Lotto’s one in 12 and the EuroMillions’ one in 13, to name but a few.

The French Lotto happens once a week, so there is an opportunity to get in on the action early and later in any seven-day period.

In terms of the odds of winning the main prize in the French Lotto, those are approximately one in 19 million. That, indeed, sounds high – but not as high when you consider the Oz Powerball’s one in 77 million, EuroJackpot’s one in 96 million and WorldMillions’ one in 100 million in the same category.

For lotteries with better odds of winning the main prize, one could look to the Swedish Lotto, Irish Lotto, Polish Lotto or Bitcoin Lotto. Sweden’s premium draw offers odds of around one in 6.7 million of winning the highest prize. Ireland’s top draw weighs in at approximately one in 10.7 million and the Polish Lotto one in 13.9 million.

For those interested in cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin Lotto has main prize odds that are similar to those in the Polish Lotto – close to one in 14 million again.

It’s entirely worth considering the biggest lottery payouts over the years when looking for the best odds lotteries. Some have offered significantly higher record prizes than others on a consistent basis. It’s good practice to contrast the record prizes with the odds of winning any prize or the jackpot when looking for a lottery draw to suit you.

The US Powerball once paid out a record prize of the approximate equivalent of R29.8 billion. It’s followed closely by the MegaMillions’ R28.9 billion. Out of the billions and into the very high millions, there was the record R990 million payout from the Oz Powerball once upon a time.

Looking at slightly more modest, albeit still huge record payouts, there’s the R408 million the Saturday Lotto paid out in the past. The Irish Lotto and Polish Lotto paid out R302 million and R218 million, respectively, in record-high jackpot wins previously. Returning to the French Lotto for the moment, it’s record prize was R392 million.

In closing, though this doesn’t directly relate to odds, you could consider the frequency of draws when thinking about which one to enter. Most happen twice a week, some daily and others once a week. You will also come across draws that happen three times per week, such as the French Lotto.

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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts To Suit Every Budget

Gift ideas to suit every budget this Mother’s Day.



With Mother’s Day around the corner, you might be wondering how to make your mom feel special. Now more than ever, mothers deserve a day of appreciation for their work and love, and we’ve got just the list to help you do that. If you’re not quite sure what to get your mom this Mother’s Day, then check out our list of foolproof Mother’s Day gifts we’re sure she’ll love. There’s something on this list to suit every budget, so you can still find something to spoil your mom no matter your budget.

Gift her good hair days

If your mom is a beauty queen at heart, then she will no doubt adore the gift of good hair days for years to come. Gift her something special from the new limited-edition ghd iD collection of hair styling tools. The new collection of hair tools in fresh lilac, bright blue, and soft pink will surely appeal to moms who love the finer things in life. Ghd’s most creative collection yet, the ghd iD collection is inspired by Gen Z and their powerful expression of individuality. But that doesn’t mean it’s only for young ladies, the new collection is for the young at heart too! The collection includes the ghd platinum+ styler, ghd helios professional hairdryer, ghd gold styler, and ghd original styler in a choice of oh-so-pretty colours.

Treat her feet

This Mother’s Day, why not treat her feet with a pair of luxury Birkenstock sandals? The brand uses sustainable core materials such as natural cork, natural latex milk and jute to construct its ultra-comfortable shoes. What’s more, this year, Birkenstock is taking sustainability one step further with its new Earthy Vegan Collection. Produced with 100% animal-free materials and a microfibre footbed, the collection presents a playful colour palette of classic Birkenstock sandals and versatile clogs, in gorgeous colours, such as lavender fog, sky, light rose, popcorn, as well as some playful ombre designs.

Give her skin a boost

The ultimate in skin pampering, the Foreo Luna 3 is what skincare dreams are made of. This Mother’s Day, treat her to this one-time investment for a lifetime of brilliant results. Easy-to-use, reliable, and durable, the newly-launched Luna 3 delivers a gentle, yet efficient deep cleanse every time. The skin is instantly rejuvenated and lifted as the low-frequency pulsations help relax facial muscle tension points, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a fresh, lifted appearance all day long. Daily use helps to reduce the appearance of pores, boosting elastin and collagen production, and assisting the active ingredients in your skincare to penetrate deeper into the skin. You’ve never known clean skin quite like this until you’ve used this stellar little device!

Share the gift of wellness

All moms are deserving of something special. While you may not be able to treat your mom to a tropical getaway (sigh), you can do the next best thing — give her the gift of wellness with ADCO CBD. CBD boasts many potential health benefits and can have a positive effect on the body, wellness and lifestyle. Research confirms that CBD might help you manage pain, stress, and sleeplessness and provides an assortment of other health and wellness benefits. Available in drops, capsules and a gel, the ADCO CBD range is free from THC (so it’s not psychoactive) and will not leave mom with that ‘high’ feeling, but with a renewed zest for life instead! If your mom needs a way to de-stress and unwind then these helpful health aids and supplements are sure to help.

Keep her warm this winter

Help mom conquer the cold this winter by gifting her a K-Way Women’s Mira Eco Softshell Jacket. Manufactured in a sustainable manner, the stunning, yet comfortable jacket is fashionable, functional and environmentally friendly. The jacket features an adjustable hem, is windproof and water-repellant. It’s the perfect gift for a mom who loves outdoor adventures. The jacket is available in a range of colours but we love the dusty pink option seen above!

Cheers to her love

If your mom loves gin, then spoil her with a bottle of speciality gin like Roku Japanese Gin. Made from six quality botanicals which are harvested from the best growing areas in Japan each season, this Mother’s Day gift Mom with an excellent gin for exploring a new cocktail territory. Opt for something like the Roku gift set with 2 ceramic cups at R335 for a truly special spoil for your mom.

Eye spy the perfect gift

Looking for the perfect gift for your fashionista mom? Spoil her with the perfect pair of sunnies from the Swinging Jones collection at Spectacle World. TV presenter and co-founder and Managing Director of Mikateko Media, Ingrid Jones has launched a new range of sunglasses with chains together with Spectacle World, and they’re to die for! Each pair comes complete with an eye-catching eyewear chain as well as dangling earrings on it (just in case you forgot to wear any). “It’s such a style statement for women who are confident and sassy,” says Ingrid.

The Swinging Jones range is available in a myriad of colours and designs, including on-trend cat-eyes, bold retro ’70s frames, round metal frames, barely-there translucent frames and more. Made like jewellery and locally manufactured, the chains include everything your heart desires, from gold to pearls, crystals to feathers, beads to shells, made to reflect your personality.

Celebrate her being a teetotaller

Is your mom following the growing “No & Low” movement? Then treat her to an alcoholic spirit to cheers to her teetotaler ways. Mahala Botanical is a beautiful, locally produced, non-alcoholic, triple-distilled spirit imbued with the flavours of Cape fynbos. Recently launched by a female Master Distiller, Danielle Schoeman, Mahala was created to provide a sophisticated alternative that has all the nuances and flavours of an alcoholic drink. Mahala, a Zulu word meaning free, says it all – free from alcohol, sugar, colourants and additives, it’s also gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

Curate her ear

Need an outing with a difference? Treat mom to a bubbles and piercing outing at Black Betty to affirm your bond and learn all about the latest jewellery trend — the curated ear! Select a ‘stack’ of earrings unique to you both, whether it’s just a pair of hoops, or a full lobe of gems. With an impressive collection of stud, hoop, and dangling earrings, Black Betty is the ultimate place to shop for ear candy this Mother’s Day.

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SAB Launches Tips on Tap Campaign to Give Back for Every Beer

Cheers to the weekend!



If you’re planning on sinking some beers this Workers’ Day weekend (responsibly, of course), there’s some good news: you can enjoy your favourite golden nectar while also giving back to a worthy cause: the people who’ll be working to make everyone’s day: SA’s bar staff.

SAB has launched the Tips on Tap campaign, which will see SAB tip the bar staff R5 for every 500ml Castle Lite draught purchased at participating venues.

The campaign is running from Friday 29 April to Monday 2 May, and you can find the closest participating venue here, or check out the full list here.

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