3 Realistic Grooming Tips to Keep in Mind During Lockdown

Cutting own hair

Make the most of your time at home to treat yourself right.

During this lockdown period, it’s hard not to fall into the trap of letting your grooming goals go a little. After all, who are you going to see anyway!? However, maintenance is the key to looking good, rather than a sudden, drastic makeover, it’s good to keep your yourself in a somewhat reasonable condition; so we have 5 realistic tips to ensuring that you stay in great grooming shape.

Don’t be too ambitious

Most guys are getting to that point now where a haircut is well-needed. And, in turn, will start looking to their significant others, roommates, or that aspiring barber in the mirror for a haircut. That’s all well and fine, and some people are able to pull off great haircuts at home, but for first-timers, don’t be overly ambitious with what type of haircut you think you’re going to get. Don’t try do a swirl, skin-fade, undercut. Start with a trim, maybe tighten up the sides, and take a little off the top. Once you get some confidence, you can then try something more daring.

Get the right tools

Trying to cut your hair with a beard-trimmer, or tidy up your crumb-catcher with the kitchen scissors is not going to work. Use a proper hair-clipper when cutting hair (unless you go for a longer look and you’re a through-and-through scissor guy). These grooming tools have specifically designed teeth and blades to sever your hair without hurting you or damaging your hair or face. So, as tempting as it is to pick up that box-knife to give yourself a shave, rather resist the urge.


With normal day-to-day life,us guys tend to slap on some moisturiser before heading out. While at home for prolonged periods, some guys might forget to add that daily or nightly moisturiser. Make sure to keep your skin hydrated during this period, even if you’re just in front of the PC all day and not tackling the hazards that the outdoor conditions throw at you.

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