10 Reasons Why Every Man Needs A Personal Clipper


Personal grooming is the new pop-culture trend. Before you jump on the bandwagon, here are 10 must-know reasons why every man needs a personal clipper.

Not many men know the importance of a personal clipper. Of course, you could always have your haircut at the barber. But having a personal clipper could prove to be invaluable. So, let’s look at some of the benefits of having your own clippers.

Flesh Out Awesome DIY Cuts

Let’s face it. Twenty years ago, you would need to visit the salon for even the easiest haircuts. But, things have changed in many parts of the world, and getting self-cuts is the new normal. Purchasing your personal clipper is often for the sole purpose of getting self-cuts. 

With a personal clipper, you could always try out different styles. You can find amazing tutorials on YouTube to learn how to make adjustments or trims to your hairstyle and work from there. While there are many wired clippers on the market, our recommendation would be to get a cordless hair clipper. These tools are not only easy to use but also very flexible and user-friendly because you don’t have to run a cord to a power outlet. This list by professional barber, Mike, features the best recommendations for cordless hair clippers.

Create A Fast And Easy Hair Maintenance Schedule

Having a personal clipper also ensures your hair is never messy. How? Even if you couldn’t make it to the salon, you can always give yourself a quick-fix. No more excuses to hide scratchy, messy overgrown hair under a hat for weeks at a time.

 Have A Stab At Your Quick-fixes Anytime

With a personal clipper, you could shave anytime. Be it 4 AM in the morning before work or right before a big event. You just need to get your clipper and give yourself a good shave. Actually, the convenience is quite appealing, especially for people with tight schedules. Who wants to show up in an interview with ragged hair?

Get Creative; Try Something New

Have you always been a serious DIYer? Personal shaving gear will add to your exploration list. Basically, your clippers allow you to invent new styles and even reinvent old ones. With regular practice, you could become a full-time barber and probably start your own salon!

No More Barbershop Visits And The Inconvenience

With a personal clipper, you can always avoid the long drives to the barber or salon. And, most importantly, you’ll also get to save on petrol, time, effort, and money by settling for the use of a personal clipper; to do a self-cut.

Save Money In The Long Run

Think of buying a personal clipper as an investment. Evidently, purchasing a personal clipper means that you’ll never have to pay for a haircut again. However, before buying a clipper, you should make sure you do some research.

Avoid Awkward Conversations

Ever come out of the salon a bit ruffled because the barber won’t just get your hairstyle right no matter how hard you describe it? Well, getting a personal clipper also helps you avoid the awkwardness of explaining what style you desire. You could just take a stab at it yourself.

Set Milestones

Trying out a project and succeeding at it gives the sense of fulfilment we all need at a point. And with a personal clipper, trying out hair projects and ultimately succeeding at them would definitely build and boost your morale.

Secure Your Health And Safety

Clipper blades at the salon are often sterilised after use, but then there could be mishaps every once in a while. Having your personal clipper for self-cuts (and also for professional cuts at the salon) reduces risks of hair-related issues. For example, you’ll avoid hazards like dandruff, lice, and even worse, blood viruses from cuts.

Retain Sundry Looks

By having a personal clipper, you could retain good looks all month round without having to go to the salon. Whether it’s adding a few tweaks to the professional cut you got or doing a quick job on your beard, a personal clipper always comes in handy to give you an overall better look.

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