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Questions to Ask Before Breast Reduction Surgery for Men

Here’s what you need to know about breast reduction surgery for men.




Excessive breast tissue in men is known as gynecomastia. In most cases, this breast condition is caused by hormonal fluctuations and genetics. Other factors such as the use of certain medications and an underlying health condition can also lead to abnormally large breasts. Not only does this condition can affect your self-confidence but it can also cause physical discomforts such as skin irritation, breast pain, and tenderness. If you want to address your cosmetic or health concerns due to excessive breast tissue, male breast reduction might be right for you. But before undergoing this surgical procedure, it is important to gain a complete understanding of what you will go through. Here are a few key questions to ask during your consultation.

Is Male Breast Reduction Right for Me?

While the procedure helps remove excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to achieve a more sculpted and masculine-looking chest, it is not an ideal solution for everyone. During your consultation, you will undergo a thorough assessment of your health history and expectations to determine whether male breast reduction will best suit your cosmetic and/or health needs.

In general, you are an ideal candidate for male breast reduction if:

  • You have abnormally large breasts due to excess tissue, fat, or skin.
  • You are within 13 to 18 pounds of your ideal body weight.
  • You have good skin elasticity.
  • You have a positive outlook and realistic expectations.
  • You are in good overall health.

What Type of Anaesthesia will be given?

Depending on your surgical plan, you will receive either general or local anaesthesia. Usually, if the cause of gynecomastia is excess breast fat, a minimally invasive procedure known as liposuction will be used and local anaesthesia will be enough to provide maximum comfort. This type of anaesthesia involves the injection of the numbing medicine in a small area of your body where the incisions will be created. If you have excess breast tissue and skin, surgical excision will be needed and this requires general anaesthesia. This type of anaesthesia will put you to sleep to prevent discomfort. 

During your consultation, you will receive a thorough explanation regarding the full procedure overview & details for you to gain more insight into male breast reduction surgery.

What Preparations do I need for Male Breast Reduction?

To prevent any complications and achieve your desired results, there are some things that you need to do prior to the procedure. These include the following:

  • You will need to undergo certain medical tests.
  • You will need to stop taking any medications or supplements that can increase your risk of bleeding, bruising, and other adverse events.
  • You will need to stop smoking.
  • You will need to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • You will need to arrange for someone to drive you after the procedure.
  • You will need to arrange for someone to help you with the house chores and activities of daily living.
  • You will need to prepare a recovery area at home.

What can I Expect after Male Breast Reduction?

After the procedure, you should expect the following:

  • You will likely experience pain, bruising, swelling, and numbness around your incision sites.
  • You will be required to wear a compression garment.
  • Your breasts may have surgical drains to remove excess blood and fluid under your skin.
  • You will need to avoid heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, and other activities that require raising your hands above your head.
  • You will feel tightness in the operated area as your skin contracts to adjust to the new shape of your breasts.
  • You will be required to sleep on your back to avoid placing tension or pressure on your incision sites.
  • You will be instructed to engage in light walking exercises to prevent blood clot formation.
  • Your recovery time can take 1 to 2 weeks depending on the extent of the surgery, your healing ability, and how you care for your body after the procedure.

Asking all of your questions during the consultation period will allow you to gain more knowledge about male breast reduction surgery. This will give you an idea of what to expect from the procedure and it also reduces your anxiety.

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