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Moustache, Beard, or Clean — What’s Best for Your Face-Shape?

Learning which beard suits your face shape is a pretty valuable thing to do if you’re looking to get the most out of your facial forest.




Growing a beard or some facial hair doesn’t necessarily mean just letting your man-face-hair just grow uncontrolled and chaotically – you don’t want to look like a crazy person, after all.

But cutting your beard and touching it up needs to have a little more thought behind it, and believe it or not, there are certain beard types to suit particular types of faces.

BIC has put together a handy little infographic to show you the way to beard enlightenment, and it can definitely teach us a thing or two about how we should be growing our crumb-catchers:


This face shape has a wide hairline, broad jawline, and narrow chin. To create balance, the lower half (just below the cheekbones) has to be ‘filled out’. You want a full beard designed to take away from the pointy chin. Avoid too much fullness on the sides of the face as this will give the appearance of an even wider jawline.


A neatly trimmed beard designed to slim the face is the best look for this face shape. Hard lines along the cheekbones and a slightly ‘squared off’ neckline create the final touch toward a slimmer oval-looking face.

Long face

The best way to give the appearance of a shorter face is to stick with neatly trimmed beards or beard scuff. Similar to rectangle/oblong face shapes, this takes the attention away from a narrow jawline.


Keep your facial hair short and trimmed, you already have strong lines.

No chin

No chin? No problem. If you can grow facial hair, keep your beard full while shaping it to give off the appearance of a strong jawline and pronounced chin.


A short beard with hard lines or a scruffy beard will help accentuate your square jaw.

Oval Face

You win! Most beard styles will look good with this facial shape, so you can experiment a bit more to find which one best suits you. The world is your bearded oyster.

Small Face

Skip the beard and go clean-shaven. Any beard you wear will only make your face appear even smaller.

Long Face

If you’ve got a long face and can grow a beard, stick with full beards that you can style to make your face appear smaller. Beard scruff will only show that you can grow a lot of it, so it’s better to avoid it.

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