Grooming Roundup: 5 Items You Need in 2019

Grooming picks 2019 jan

We make our picks for the must-have grooming products to make sure you’re ready for 2019!

Guys, we’ll admit it for you – looking after ourselves is a lot of work. We just don’t have the perseverance and dedication to prime ourselves day in and day out (like we should be doing), but given the harshness of life and some great new easy-to-use products available, we thought it was only fair to highlight some items that can make the grooming process something to look forward to, rather than dread.

Alpecin caffeine hair shampoo

Price: R99

We always hear of these ‘caffeine shampoos’, but do they really work? Well, yeah. The truth is that most shampoos dry out your locks and remove all the natural oils from your hair – but what you really need is something that spurs growth and strengthens your hair. Alpecin’s caffeine shampoo definitely has a denser ‘feel’ to it, and doesn’t contain any softeners (eg. silicone), which also helps to improve the hair structure after just a few washes. Your hair won’t feel brittle and dry after a wash with their C1 shampoo.

Restoria Discreet

Price: R182

Many guys will be picking up some grey hairs here and there in their late 20s and 30s, but you don’t have to go full-bore with a dye job just yet. Restoria Discreet is a handy hair-treatment product that gradually restores natural looking colour to grey hair; and it’s softer on your scalp as it doesn’t not contain peroxide or ammonia. It comes in two forms too – cream or lotion – with the lotion being the easier to adapt, but it really comes down to personal preference.

Sorbet Man face moisturiser

Price: R125

If you’re one of those guys that hates rubbing thick moisturisers on daily, Sorbet Man’s option is a great one to pick up. Featuring SPF15, the moisturiser helps protect against the daily ins and outs into the sun, along with being very easy to apply thanks to a lower viscosity. It’s an easy, refreshing cream that comes in a pint-sized, portable package.

Cowshed Bracing body wash

Price: R374

Despite the hilarious name, Cowshed bring a serious quality to their products, and their new Bullocks for Men range has some amazing items on offer. Their bestselling Bullocks Bracing Body Wash features petitgrain to help cleanse and purify, whilst the grapefruit oil helps tone the skin. This is all cherry-topped with a notable citrus fragrance which features on your skin well into the day.

Sorbet Man Medium Hold Low Shine hair wax

Price: R99.99

There are a ton of hair wax products on the market, but if you’re looking for a no-frills, non-sticky and affordable option, Sorbet Man’s medium hold wax is a goodie. The wax isn’t thick or tricky to get out the tub, and has a low-shine (so you won’t be looking like a mafiosa boss), so if you just want a bit of body to your hair, it’ll do the job.

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