Cutting Your Hair at Home is Now a Thing Thanks to Phillips’ New Clippers

These new clippers allow the inspired fellas out there to be their own barber.

There used to be a time when guys all went to the barber once a month and basically got the same haircut and went on their merry way. In recent years, though, men’s grooming has become a far more involved process and uniform haircuts are a thing of the past. Phillips recently held a launch event for their new Phillips Pro Clipper and Phillips Home Clipper models that have extremely close and precise shaves as their hallmark objective. Close shaves and fades are prominent elements of many popular hairstyles at the moment and Phillips considered that during the development of this new range. They made it their objective to design the Home and Pro models to achieve as close a shave as possible without leaving irritation, red skin, bumps, or little cuts behind – some of the main deterrents to cutting one’s own hair.

Philips Pro Clippers

Hairstyle trends are currently incorporating a lot of retro inspirations, and this shift doesn’t apply to hairstyles exclusively, but also to facial hair – with beards making a roaring return in the last couple of years. The clippers are therefore geared towards the precision necessary to leave your face unscathed and your selected facial hairstyle nice and crisp. If you’re feeling adventurous, have a crack at Tony Stark’s legendary goatee and moustache combo!

Philips Home Clippers

The design of the Pro 5000 series model combines a chrome matte finish with a textured handle to provide an assured grip, while the Home 3000 series model features a lacquered high-gloss finish – and they have 2.8m and 2.4m cords respectively so you’ll have all the movement and flexibility necessary. Lastly the trimmer attachments for the Pro model include a full range of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, and 25mm click-on combs, while the Home variation includes 4 different click-on combs. Most impressively, though, is the enhanced durability that Phillips promises, specifically related to the motor which they suggest will run four times longer than its predecessor, and both the Pro and Home come with a 2-year, worldwide guarantee.

You can grab the Pro and Home for R499 and R349 respectively at any Dis-Chem, Clicks, or Edgars stores, as well as if online shopping is more your thing.


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