Puma UltraRide Running Shoes Go Minimalist – Here’s What They’ll Cost in SA

Puma unveils their new men’s running shoes that’ll be touching down in SA!

Puma has introduced a new performance running shoe designed specifically for men, the Puma UltraRide.

Built on the foundation of Reductionist Theory, UltraRide reduces weight with outsole cutaways to leave runners with the basic running essentials: cushioning and responsiveness.

A light, airy upper and supportive midsole plate merge through a dynamic bridge design. Combined with Puma’s proprietary Profoamlite for cushioning and a rubber surface area for better power transfer.

The UltraRide are also designed to be airy and breathable, with an open-holed mesh that allows for maximal ventilation while a dynamic underlay system offers support

Puma’s UltraRide running shoes retail for R1,999 starting 30 July on Puma’s website, Puma stores and selected retailers.

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