Puma Magnify Nitro SP Review — New-Age Tech Meets Old-School Minimalism

Do Puma’s tech-packed running shoes deliver bang for your buck?

Puma has been upping its game in recent times, and when it comes to running shoes, the brand is doing arguably the best job out there. The Leaping Cat’s Ignite range of running shoes proved favourites among running enthusiasts, and their latest release, the Magnify Nitro SP, is aiming to take some of the lessons learned from past hits to up the ante even more.

The sports goods market is going through a somewhat existential crisis at the moment; deliberating between packing running shoes with the latest tech, or whether to leave them as minimal as possible. What Puma does well is mixing both these approaches to create something that ticks both boxes, and the Magnify Nitro SP nails this.

The shoes themselves are relatively simple from a fit and mechanic perspective. There are no springy gimmicks or hollowed-out soles; instead, you get a straightforward running shoe, but one which keeps all its performance-boosting secrets below the surface.

Packed into the sole is Puma’s Nitro Foam, which gives each foot plant a responsive and cushioned feeling, while still remaining firm enough to give you the stability you need. The base of the soles are relatively wide, and the height of the heel is notable, so you do feel a slight bit of elevation, albeit with some solid confidence in the base. There’s also something called ‘Cooladapt’, which keeps the upper cool on runs, and then there’s “Pumagrip” rubber on the sole that features a similar tread to that of a car tyre and provides great traction on any surface.

What we love is that, while the sole gets all the attention, the upper is left to be as comfortable and simple as possible. The soft, mesh-based upper features a synthetic blend that is light, breathable, and moulds to your foot, so that you get a very subtle wrapping around your foot, letting the sole do all the work. The heel is also outfitted with a 3D moulded rubber heel-counter to keep your foot in place and help with stability. Due to the foam lining on the inside of the shoe, the overall feel is a little more padded as opposed to some of the thinner options on the market.

The simplicity in the Magnify Nitro SP’s design also makes it a winner. A clean white and green colourway is accented with some multicoloured, rainbow-like stitching on the upper (similar to what we say on Puma’s Ultra football boots) which is almost unnoticeable from far but creates a great texture and will save the shoes from looking dirty after the first run. It’s got an immediately-familiar, retro look which harks back to some of the chunkier runners of yesteryear, which we love.

While the price is something to consider, anyone who appreciates a great running shoe will undoubtedly acknowledge all the features the Puma Magnify Nitro SP brings to the table, along with its classic look and feel, which is something many runners want.

The Puma Magnify Nitro SP is priced at R3,300 available from Puma’s website, Puma brick-and-mortar stores, along with selected retailers nationwide.

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