Xbox Gamers Will Be Able to Play Against PS4 & PC Players

Microsoft has delivered the news gamers have been waiting to hear for ages.

Listen up, gamers – this is not a drill. Cross-network play is coming, which means that Xbox One, PS4, and PC gamers will be able to play games with one another regardless of which device you use.

The news appeared on The Verge, who claim that Microsoft will announce the much talked-about feature this week.

It’s said that developers building games for Xbox One and Windows 10 will be able to support the feature, but it will require Sony and others to “participate” in order for games to be played across Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The first game to be cross-network compatible is that of Rocket League – the vehicular sports game that has taken PSN and Xbox Live by storm.

If the cross-network play is implemented, it could change the online gaming landscape. At the moment, muliplayer games can only be played with other players with the same console or system, using Xbox Live, Playstation Network, or PC’s matchmaking platforms. No more having to sacrifice your PlayStation mates for your Xbox buddies or vice versa.

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