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Top Live MMORPGs Going into 2021

Which MMORPGs should you be diving into this year?




FF Heavensward (1)

When looking for the perfect game to play, we normally target a strong storyline, beautiful visuals, and immersive gameplay. However, none of those factors are capable of determining an MMORPGs success and beauty. These games were designed for players to interact and socialise, while having things to do together. Hence, questions such as: is this game still relevant? Is this MMO still getting updates? These are inevitable to avoid and understandable. And to answer those questions, we have provided you with a list of games that have thriving communities and superb game design that have stood the test of time.


Evidently, most gaming veterans took got their start from playing RuneScape which continues to remain a pleasant part of their past. And while RuneScape was nothing short of an outrageous phenomenon, the game continues to live on even after 20 years. The game undoubtedly still has a devout fanbase, alongside official conventions held annually. Over the years, the game divided into two versions of the MMO — RuneScape and Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Interestingly, OSRS is seemingly doing better than the newer game, considering the vanilla experience is more desired by the players.

Nevertheless, if you’re aiming to experience a classic yet different styled MMO, then you cannot go wrong with RuneScape and its sandbox gameplay. And though joining it this late may seem difficult, you can always get a headstart by buying some RS Gold online and availing yourself of some decent gear and weapons.

World of Warcraft

Ah, yes. How could this list be complete without World of Warcraft and its legacy? Blizzard’s flagship multiplayer title continues to grow better with each passing year. The game recently wrapped up in 2020 following the release of a new expansion — Shadowlands. And as expected, the expansion was a huge success.

Blizzard did bring some quality-of-life changes to the game with the release of Shadowlands. Not only is the game less tedious to play through now, but you can skim past the story a lot faster. Needless to say, now is undeniably a great time for becoming part of the WoW community. And if you’re a returning player and WoW does not appeal to you anymore, then why not grab some gold give WoW Classic a shot?

Final Fantasy XIV

Calling Final Fantasy XIV the best MMO out there wouldn’t be far from the truth. And while many would disagree, it is certainly a fact that Final Fantasy XIV has improved significantly over the years. The game had an extremely rough start, with players leaving the game back and forth. However, once Naoki Yoshida took the helm, the game hit stardom.

The vibrant visuals, Final Fantasy’s iconic soundtracks, engaging questline, and of course Chocobos, make for the perfect formula for an amazing MMO. Moreover, the game is also seen to be popular among players burned out from World of Warcraft, searching for a title just as great.

Elder Scrolls Online

We all pictured Elder Scrolls Online as the MMO version of Skyrim. And though may not have fully delivered on that end, the game did accomplish some noteworthy feats that set it apart from its competition. ESO has its own unique take on the MMO genre. It offers combat mechanics that aren’t seen in other games.

Moreover, the love and effort poured into the game can be immediately seen from the fully-voiced dialogues and narrative. Visually speaking, the graphics are on par with FFXIV and other recent MMORPGs. The visuals are definitely not the best, but that’s just how MMOs work.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 had suffered from several issues back in 2019. Luckily, however, this gem of a game somehow managed to make a comeback in 2020, making it possible to be part of this list once again. At first glance, you simply will not believe your eyes that the game is free-to-play. Sure, it comes with a bunch of expansions, but the base experience is completely free.

The game is continuing to receive story updates regularly, with the addition of voice-acting to the newer releases. Furthermore, it is quite clear that ArenaNet has a plan in the making. With the release of End of Dragons expansion this year, now would be the best time to jump right into the game and start catching up on everything it has to offer.

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