The Next Gaming Sensation is… Virtual Bar Fights?

Drunkn Bar fight

Boozed-up fisticuffs. What a time to be alive.

VR headsets are doing a pretty good job of creating highly-immersive experiences that we often wouldn’t have the opportunity to indulge in otherwise.

So, stealth games, first-person shooters, adventure horrors, those all seem logical, right? What about bar fights? Well, that’s an option, too… although it isn’t exactly one we would’ve predicted – introducing Drunkn Bar Fights:

Much like a night out in Fourways, it seems like the only real reason people are in this pixelated bar is to try and kick your ass. It’s probably best to enjoy that experience in the safety of your own home where the worst that can happen is you shatter your girlfriend’s favourite vase, instead of taking a trip to the ER.

To be fair, it’s very likely that Drunkn Bar Fight will end up being a social party game that people of varying levels of drunkenness will massively enjoy.

Here’s a better look at the game in action:

The game is still in Early Access on Steam, with no set release date for the final version.

Just make sure you clear your lounge out and give yourself plenty of room, and start swinging!

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